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Tips to look younger

Since this mornings home remedy tip was about dry skin I thought I would include these tips from ediets on looking younger.

1. Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. You’ve heard it before, but using a regular face lotion will make the skin appear younger by helping it to retain moisture, which in turn helps to plump up fine lines and increase circulation. When your hands, legs or feet are dry and cracked, they look older and worn out. Add a little cream and the skin is renewed. The same goes for your face.

If you have normal to combination skin, pick a lightweight formula that sinks in so it doesn’t feel heavy. Try Olay Complete All Day Moisture for Normal Skin ($9.29, Dry skin types can use a little more hydration, so consider a cream like Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream ($6.49,

Even if you have oily skin, use an oil-free moisturizer to keep skin looking young. You may not think you need one in your 20s, 30s or even 40s, but later on in life you will notice the difference. If you’re thinking, “I don’t use a moisturizer because it’s too greasy and heavy,” then you just haven’t found the right one for your skin type. The right moisturizer should make your skin feel soft and comfortable. Next time you’re in the cosmetics department, look or ask for samples. There are a million and one products out there, but there is also one that’s just right for you.

I've gotten real serious about moisturizing in the last several years.  I don't spend a bunch of money on this though.  I often pick up my moisturizer at the dollar store.  I like cocoa or shea butter.  I only wear foundation in the winter, and when I do, I usually mix it with some moisturizer so it feels alot lighter and not so "cakey".
Or I will buy that lightly tinted moisturizer.  I really like that as I don't feel as though I need to use foundation then.

2. Keep out of the sun! Ever notice how most celebrities manage to look tan and young at the same time? Their secret is not baking out in the sun for hours at a time -- they really don’t have time to do that anyway – it’s sunless tanning. Regular tanning, whether it be in the sun or in tanning beds, not only causes sun damage and cancer, but also leads to premature aging. What does that mean to you? Wrinkles! So, take a hint from the stars by wearing an SPF daily and use a sunless tanner indoors to keep the skin golden and line free.

Okay, I have to be honest and admit that I don't follow this rule.  I always feel so much better, healthier and happier, after I've been out in the sun.  Although, I always slather that highest level of SPF on Rylie when we go out.

3. Drink water like it’s going out of style. This is also a no-brainer, but it’s nice to be reminded once in a while. Water helps our bodies perform basic functions, and helps keep us healthy by providing a helpful environment for cells to do their duties. This also leads to younger-looking skin. Your skin cells will be full of water, which, like a moisturizer, helps to plump up fine lines and reduces puffiness around the eyes.
I agree with that one.  Not only is it good for your skin, but it helps eliminate all kinds of toxins from your body.  Have you heard that little tidbit of information from Dr. Oz on drinking water?  You know your drinking enough water if your urine is clear enough to read a newpaper through it.  Um, I wouldn't recommend actually trying to do that though.  Icky!

4. Don’t leave the house without a little makeup! When we were in our teens and 20s, we could run out of the house without a stitch of makeup and still look fabulous. Unfortunately, we can’t stay 18 forever, and our faces need a little help sometimes. You’d be surprised what a little concealer, bronzer and lipstick can do. Crunched for time in the morning? This routine takes less than three minutes. Dab a little concealer under the eyes and on spots like pimples and blemishes. Blend with fingers. Next, apply bronzer with a big, fluffy brush to the cheeks, nose, forehead and chin. Lastly, swipe a little lipstick on, and you’re ready to go. If you have time, use a lipliner first. See, wasn’t that easy? Now that we know makeup is our friend, it’s also good to remember that…

5. Too much makeup can make you look older. It’s easy to get a little carried away with the concealer, blush, bronzer, lipstick and whatever else we use to get ready in the morning, especially when you feel like you haven’t gotten enough sleep. But, before you pile on that foundation, get into some natural sunlight, or a well-lit area of your home. If you take a minute between steps to check your progress as you’re applying, you may notice you don’t need as much makeup as you thought. Natural-yet-polished makeup will help you look younger by enhancing your best assets and camouflaging your flaws. Too much makeup will actually draw attention to fine lines and wrinkles.
I almost always have a wee bit of make-up on.  I at least wear a natural looking eye shadow, mascara and lip gloss or chap stick.  In the winter I usually also wear some blush or a bit of bronzer.
I've learned that at a certain age wearing "frosty" looking eye shadows is a no-no.  That stuff will make you look real old and wrinkly.  I quit wearing that stuff the year I turned 30, lol.

6. Use an eye cream regularly. The skin around the eyes is the first place to show signs of aging, so it’s important to take extra care of this area, even if you don’t yet have any lines. When applying eye creams, use a small amount (that’s why they come in those teeny jars) and use your ring finger to dab and spread the product around. It’s OK if the area is a little shiny, but if it feels heavy to you, switch to a lighter texture or reserve it for nighttime use.
 Yep, again, the same stuff that I get at the dollar store.
7. Try a luminizing product, but use caution. Many cosmetic lines have come out with foundations, lotions and concealers that give a gentle, highlighting effect. Most of these products contain some kind of luminescent particle, which helps to blur imperfections and fine lines. While these products are fun and help the skin to glow, remember they can also have the reverse effect if not applied correctly. If you like the idea of a foundation that has this property, use it sparingly, and only if you have fine lines. Deep-set wrinkles will not benefit from any kind of shimmer as they only enhance and emphasize the texture in the skin.

8. Make sure your hair looks young. Even if you’ve had a face-lift, you won’t look young if your hair is damaged, out of control or doesn’t have a style. If you’re starting to go gray, make an appointment with your colorist to touch up or refresh your color. A few face-framing highlights will also help to take a few years off. If you’ve decided to keep your hair gray, give it a style that will enhance your features. Avoid pulling your hair back tightly, as it will only make the face look older and more severe.
I tried to darken my hair color this past year.  It was alright, but I really had to stay on top of it, because I noticed one or two gray hairs (they must have fallen out on Ray's head and landed on me) would show up.  That's why I went back to my paler blonde color.  Those grays don't show up.  Or I just don't notice them.

9. Don’t forget the neck! There’s a reason why your grandmother used face cream on her face and neck. Like the skin around your eyes, losing skin’s elasticity in the neck area adds years to your appearance. There are a number of neck creams out on the market, so look for one that is hydrating and firming. A good one to try is La Prairie Cellular Neck Cream ($99,
 I always continue my moisturizer down my neck and onto my chest.  Of course, it's the same cheap stuff I use on my face from the dollar store.  OMG!  Who spends $99 on cream?  I could feed my family for a week on that.

10. Keep your pearly whites white. A nice bright smile helps you to look healthier, happier and younger. Your teeth can become stained over time, especially if you drink coffee or colas. Make an appointment with your dentist to see how you can maximize the look of your smile, or use an at-home whitening kit such as Crest Whitestrips ($42.99,
 I like the stuff that Wal-Mart sells for $4.99, and that includes the little mouth guard looking thingie that you put the gel in.
Have a great afternoon!
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