Friday, July 20, 2007

Don't you just hate the question...

Don't you just hate when people ask "How old are you?"  Ugh!  And wouldn't we all love to be able to say something that was 5-10 years younger than we actually are?  Well, there is this theory about your REAL AGE.  It has to do with how healthy you are, etc.  You can take the Real Age Test at the REAL AGE web site.  It is really kind of interesting, although depending on your medical concerns, it can be a bit in depth and perhaps a little long.

Anyway, here are a few articles that I recently came across from the REAL AGE web site that I thought were interesting.  The first one I used to do all the time, especially in the car or when I use to go to the tanning booth.  I wonder if I could do it when I am on the cardio machine?  Hmm, not sure if I am that coordinated, lol.

Do This Exercise While You Web Surf
Wouldn't it be nice to have the washboard abs you saw in that online diet ad?

You can start by squeezing. No, not your abdominal's. Your booty! Here's the three-step exercise you can do all day.

Do It Now -- And Wherever You Can
Yes, while you're reading this tip, try this exercise for flatter abs:
  1. Suck your belly button in tight.
  2. Squeeze your butt as if you're trying to pull on a pair of too-tight jeans (pretend the top of your head is being pulled toward the ceiling by a string).
  3. Hold that position.

Do this often (on the elevator, waiting in line, at work, every time you walk somewhere) and you'll quickly firm up your middle by working your transverse abdomens -- the muscle that supports the abdominal wall. And you'll have better posture to boot.

RealAge Benefit: A physical activity program that builds stamina, strength, and flexibility can make your RealAge as much as 8.1 years younger.

3 Veggies That Make Your Brain Younger
Broccoli, cauliflower, and cabbage. Consider them a facelift for your brain.

That's because munching on veggies like these -- which belong to the cruciferous family of veggies -- could shave 1 to 2 years off your mind's age. Here's how they help.

The Big Memory Reveal
Women who filled out a food-intake questionnaire demonstrated some pretty significant memory
muscle on tests when their questionnaires revealed a true love for all things cruciferous (as well as leafy and green, like spinach). In fact, the veggie-lovers’ test scores were more in line with those of women a couple of years younger. That means your brain could be 48 when the calendar says it’s 50. Not bad. How’s your memory? Test it here.

Mighty Nutrients
Researchers speculate that nutrients like lutein and folate
, found in abundance in foods like spinach, may be part of the reason for the brain benefits that cruciferous and leafy green veggies confer.

Want more ways to boost your memory? Visit the RealAge Aging Well Center.

RealAge Benefit: Eating a diverse diet that includes 5 servings of vegetables per day can make your RealAge as much as 4 years younger.

It's Friday!  YEA!  That means a fun evening spent with my Tinkerbell!  I talked to her again last night, after she got off work, and she is almost as excited as I am about tonight.  Tomorrow we are gonna have a kareoke party to celebrate her birthday.  I know, I know...kareoke night...sounds kind of corny to most folks.  But it is actually a lot of fun.  I just have to make sure the machine is hooked up correctly and find all the kareoke cd's.

Instead of making a cake I am going to use my new chocolate fountain.  Mmmm!  I've got fruits and some other things we are going to be dipping in there.  Then by Sunday morning everyone will probably be 5 pounds heavier, lol.  I think I'll just have to keep my eye on Cathy.  I know how much she loves chocolate.  My fear is that we will find her overdosed on chocolate with her head under the fountain so it can flow right into her mouth, lol.  Just kidding Cath!

Have a great day & hugs to all my friends!
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ljat1 said...

Hi!  Thanks for stopping by Friday's Child.  I appreciate your comment.  It's been a number of years since I've visited the REAL AGE website.  Maybe now that I've lost 30 pounds, I should go back and retake the test!  My, you have a beautiful family.  Bet you all have a chocolate hangover today!!  Sounds like way too much fun!  Have a wonderful weekend.  God Bless!  Linda

lacaza3 said...

broccoli califlower and cabbage may make your brain smarter....but nobody could probably stand to sit by lol
Donna In TEXAS