Friday, July 6, 2007

A couple of pictures

Here are a few pictures that I took recently.  One is of Rylie at Grandma's birthday party and the other one is Rylie conspiring with her Aunt Cathy.

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I know Cathy, your gonna kill me for putting your picture in here.  But you have to admit, that is a good picture.  It pretty much sums everything up.  You whisper in our ears, we listen, get that devilish smile and then we get in trouble for letting you be a bad influence on us.  LMAO!  Well, that's the story I'm sticking with anyway. 

I just found this in my email from the Daily OM.

July 6, 2007
Just Being There

Acting As A Guardian

One of the greatest gifts we can give another human being is to act as their guardian. Whether this gift is related to a specific situation or is representative of an ongoing commitment, we each benefit from the association. To protect someone is to walk with them in challenging times and see them through safely to the other side. In doing this, we grow with them. And those under our guardianship derive confidence from our support and assistance, enabling them to persevere through almost any conditions.

There are many reasons we feel inspired to serve as guardians to those we care for. Sometimes just holding the space for somebody allows them to do what is necessary to grow or heal. We may simply want to see that our friend or loved one is taken care of and equipped to prevail over difficult circumstances. We may also sense that we are in possession of knowledge our loved ones are lacking yet need in their current stage of development. Our offer to serve as a guardian may also be both unsolicited and unrelated to any one situation. Instead of helping someone we care about cope with a specific challenge, we may find ourselves providing them with a more general form of emotional sustenance that prepares and strengthens them for challenges yet to come.

Our ability to empathize with those under our guardianship is our greatest asset because our comprehension of their needs allows us to determine how we can best serve them. Even when this comprehension is limited, however, the loving intentions with which we enter into our role as guardian ensure that our care and protection help others grow as individuals while living their lives with grace.

I would consider Cathy to be one of my guardians.  She is usually one of my strongest support systems and I depend on her for guidance and alliance.  She is also trouble with a capital T, LOL.  Come to think of it, I've gotten myself into quite a few "situations" since we've met.  I wonder if that has anything to do with it.  LOL

Have a great day & hugs to all my friends!
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chevyz71gurl74 said...

Rylie is just adorable!
Look like she was ready for a nap in
that top pic...hehe