Monday, March 24, 2008

Childhood Vaccinations

I just watched a story on NBC news about parents who do NOT have their children vaccinated.  How infuriating!  I vaccinate my child to do everything within my power to protect my child.  Then I'm going to send her to public school where she may sit next to a child whose parent chose not to have their child vaccinated.  Yes, Ohio is one of the 21 states where parents can choose not to have their child vaccinated because of their "beliefs".

I understand that some people are under the impression that one or more of the vaccines, or vaccine preservatives, may be the cause of autism.  But polio, measles, mumps, etc may possibly kill your child.  If folks are really that concerned about their childs life, I'd think they'd have them vaccinated.  Or perhaps they're more concerned about having a "perfect" child than having their child die of an illness that could have been prevented.

Of course, I believe that parents should have the right to decide their own childs medical care.  But I also think that if they are not going to have their child vaccinated then that child should not be attending public school.  Let their parents home school them or put them in a private school with other children that have NOT been vaccinated.

I know what some of you are thinking..."why worry if your daughter has been vaccinated?"  Just because Rylie has had her shots does not mean that she absolutely won't catch a virus if exposed to it.  However, I believe if she is exposed to children who have NOT been vaccinated she is more likely to be exposed to a potentially deadly virus.

Just my humble political opinion for today.  LOL 

Have a great week and thanks for stopping by. 

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manda2177 said...

Well, I am on the opposite end of the spectrum... I challenge to read the research I have and still fell "infuriated" with the choice not to vaccinate.,, and MANY many other sites I can direct you too.  And I have done SO much research on the subject that I have compiled an over 100 page document just for my own use.  

I encourage you to keep an open mind ... JUST DOING THE RESEARCH... and if you still feel 'infuriated' then I will absolutely accept that and support you!

(I still support you even if you dont ever agree)
God bless-
(I have links to these website on the left hand side of my blog)

ka71tt said...

VERY important issue in my life right now and would love comments regarding this even more.  First off, Love your site!  I totally agree with everything you said.

In my church, I just found out a mother does not vaccinate her child who is now 21 months old.  My son is the same age.  For 21 months, he's been around him twice a week!  This is not a pre-k or mother's day out, just regular Sunday morning church and Wednesday night activities, who don't usually require vac. records, etc.  OK, problem is....she is exposing him to ages newborn to 2 years old, twice a week.  She told me she does not do shots recently, I told a few others and now it's an issue at our church.  The church will not do anything, so I will not go until my child is fully vaccinated, at age 4.  Our pediatrician gave us advice.

I will not "KNOWINGLY" put my child at risk twice a week.  My comment, how dare she put her child in there, knowing the other parents may want to know!  She just "matter of factly" mentioned it to me recently.  She should have said something long ago and told other parents, but she did not.  If something were to happen, I don't want my child getting sick.  So, we are staying away from a church I love dearly.

I think this issue will become more common soon enough.  There are a lot of misinformed young parents out there with strong feelings against shots.  I respect their choice....but don't include my child's health with it!

Thanks for letting me post!  This is something I am so passionate about right now.  I love my son so much, I'm not taking a chance with him in a situation I KNOW involves a risk.

bhbner2him said...

So far I have had both mine vacinated for anything the state of Texas requires.  I've never really given a thought to other people's children.  I would think the risk of getting something, full fledged when you were vacinated and up to date would be extremely small.   I do know that the measles vacine gave Hannah Bug a mild case of the measles.  Several older women old enough to know, said that's what it was and the incubation period was exactly right from the time of the shot till she broke out.  -  BArbara