Friday, March 28, 2008

Home Remedy--Warts

I wish I had a simple home remedy for Kidney stones.  Grrrr, I've had these stupid things so many times...I want to trade my kidneys in for new ones.  Anyway, between the back pain, the migraines and life in general, I just forgot to do my usual Thursday entry for a home remedy.  So here it is.   

  • Try taping a slice of garlic to the wart. Be sure to first protect the surrounding skin with petroleum jelly.

  • Use baking soda. Take some baking soda and mix with caster or olive oil and apply to the offending wart. You should leave this overnight, and cover with a band-aid. Repeat this until the wart drops off.

  • Use Vitamin E capsule. Simply open a standard Vitamin E capsule and rub the contents onto the wart and cover with a band-aid. You will need to repeat this treatment several times a day for it to be effective. You should also consider taking a Vitamin E capsule every day as a part of your diet.

  • Soak a cotton ball in apple cider vinegar and apply it directly to the wart. Make sure you bandage it up with gauze and tape. Do this before you go to bed. Leave it on over night.  When you wake up you will notice a difference.The only thing to watch out for, is that it can be irritating to the skin and cause redness.  The wartmay seem to get biggerbefore it falls off.

  • Place a strip of duct tape over the wart(s), replacing old tape with new tape every couple of days.  Continue for 1 - 2 weeks.  Peel tape off and the warts should slowly soften and disappear

  • Rub castor oil on your warts a twice a day.   Warts should disappear in 2-4 weeks.

I found a bunch of different methods to try.  While reading I found that a lot of people had great success with the Apple Cider remedy.  However, it sounds as though the acid in the vinegar may be very painful for some people.  Most reported that their warts fell off within a few days.  However, if that method is too painful try one of the others, like just taping over the wart to cut off the air supply.  It may take longer, but it is probably not very painful.

I have a Princess Party to prepare for.  We're having a bunch of people over tomorrow to celebrate Rylie's 4th birthday.  Today I'll be making BBQ beef and a big ol' pink cake.  LOL  When I asked Rylie what kind of cake she wanted, she just said "Pink!"  So we're having strawberry cake and her favorite ice cream...chocolate.  Ewww, maybe it's just the nausea from the kidney stones, but that just doesn't sound good to me at all.

Have a great weekend and thanks for coming by. 

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fisherkristina said...

Came here from Magic Smoke.  Congrats on being a Guest Editor's Pick!  Do those things really work to remove warts?  They sound like old wive's tales, LOL.

Krissy :)

cayasm said...

Congrats on being a "Guest Editor Pick"


dornbrau said...

Hope you don't mind but I've chosen you (again) as one of my recommended reads.  I admit, I haven't actually tried any of your hints, I just read about them and hope that the knowledge will protect me from ever having to use them.  Its worked so far!  Thanks,

lurkynat said...

hugs I hope that the birthday went great!