Sunday, March 2, 2008

Family Breakfast

We went down to Bowling Green today and met the rest of my family for breakfast.  I took copies of the Photo-movie I made for my father.  I also took a copy of one for my mother. 

No, my mother has not passed away.  However, she wanted to see what her movie would look like.  It sounds a bit weird, but have ya ever wondered who would show up for your funeral or what kind of tribute would be made?  I can understand her curiosity.  Although it was a bit weird for me to do it.  It was however just a wee bit of a sample of what the actual movie would look like.

I guess everyone liked the movie.  It was probably a bit hard for everyone to see as it was playing on a small DVD player we bought for Rylie to watch on long car rides and the screen is probably only about 10 inches big.  I hoped they liked it.

Here is a the movie I made for my dad.  It's a bit long, 10 minutes, but I really had a difficult time limiting the number of pictures I used.  It's hard to narrow down 69 years of life into a few minutes.

And this is my mothers sample Photo-movie.  It is about 3 minutes long although I hope to have another 20-30 years worth of photographs to add to this.

Oh the first clip on both movies, "Reflections", that is the name that I want to use for the business that I want to start.  Hopefully it will be something that I can get started this year.  I've gotten some information from the Chamber of Commerce and am in the process of looking into the cost of start up and beginning to make a Business Plan.

Thanks for stopping by. 

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shawnaandtim said...

hey jill good luck with the business adventure i have a friend who has the same kind of business check it out at hes got a great website.. take care

bhbner2him said...

All the best to you Jill in your venture.  -  Barbara

swmpgrly said...

beautiful the song on your moms