Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Happy Birthday Baby girl!

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Yep, Rylie turned 4 at 12:01 AM this morning.  So she gets to have me make whatever she wants for dinner tonight.  So it appears the menu for this evening is "fwesh fry and boorgers".  I think she is going to be a bit disappointed though...I think she thinks her party is today because it is her birthday today.  I guess she is going to learn the harsh reality of scheduling as her party isn't until Saturday.  LOL

At first I thought my little vent about vaccinations the other night may have stirred up a bit of controversy, but I hope it has helped some parents to do some more investigation into the subject.  Although many may believe that the best thing to do is to just go get your child vaccinated, the fact of the matter is that a lot of parents believe that to protect their child they need to NOT have them vaccinated. 

After reading just a few comments it just leaves my head whirling even more.  For example, Barbara said that her daughter had a mild case of the measles after her shot.  Which some children so have.  I know that after her chicken pox vaccination Rylie had a very, very mild case of chicken pox.

Then I read a comment from Ka71tt, who not longer takes her 21 month old child to Church because she recently learned that one of the children there does not receive vaccinations.  What a shame.  However, I must confess that after reading Barbara's comment and thinking about it...I would think that the child who does not receive his vaccinations would be a the greater risk by being exposed to children who have recently been vaccinated.  What would be a slight case for a child recently vaccinated for measles, chicken pox or whatever, could be a full blown (possibly deadly) case for a child exposed to it who has not been vaccinated.

I hate to think of parents not taking their children to Sunday school because of the fear of their children being exposed to a child not vaccinated.  I am wondering if anyone can think of any helpful suggestions that could be offered to this concerned parent.  I'd like to keep this constructive and helpful, not angry, divisive or destructive.  If anyone has any suggestions for her please leave a comment and thank you for any advice you can offer to this concerned parent.

As I said, after thinking about this, I realize that some parents have serious concerns regarding the vaccinations.  I respect them for researching the issue and making a tough choice regarding their childs health and welfare.  However, I am curious as to how they handle their child being exposed to children recently vaccinated.  Especially since most children don't walk around with a sticker announcing that they were just vaccinated within the past 2 weeks.  When their child is exposed to children recently vaccinated that puts them at even greater risk of catching measles or whatever.  What do they do about it?  How do they protect their child from this type of exposure?

Please remember, I am not a doctor or nurse.  I'm not a scientist.  I'm just a parent doing the best I can, with what I know, to raise a happy and healthy child.  I'm not trying to start an argument with anyone, I just want to learn a little bit more about this subject. 

Thanks for stopping by. 

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manda2177 said...

Happy Birthday little one!!!

Well, as far as the church issues goes, well, you kinda have to go back to the beginning.

When a child is vaccainted, that vaccine suppresses the childs ENTIRE immune sysytem.  Not just for the disease being vaccainted for, but for everything.  The bodys normal abilities to fight off bacteria and disease are compromised, therefore making that child MORE at risk and MORE of a threat to others children.
A child who is not vaccinated usually has an immune system working at its full potential, and even if presetned with said disease, will have a better chance of fighting disease.
Oh goodness, I could talk for hours on this subject.  Jill Marie, maybe you could send your reader the info I sent you.  Once people are really informed, they will see that there are far less things to FEAR then they thought.  
There should not be FEAR in our decision making.  There should be peace.  I believe that this woman is taking her child out of the nursery out of fear, which is never the way to do things.  And she should trust the Lord, the GReat Physician, that He has a hand in all this.

God bless-

swmpgrly said...

I think like you on the vacination thing

lurkynat said...

wow! you're great to her!
I hope everything(including the party) has worked out well and will work out well!