Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Have y'all heard of this thing called Freecycle?  It's pretty cool.  You find your area group, sign up for their message board and then receive emails listing things people are giving away or looking to find.  The idea is to pass things onto people who can use them rather than throwing them away.  It is a really good idea and kudos to whoever came up with it.

I will warn you however, that if you sign up, be prepared for lots and lots of email messages.  I usually open my mail box in the morning and have at least 20-30 messages from this group.  That's not a problem for me, I just go through pretty quickly and delete what I'm not interested in and read those that I interested in.  Then if it's something I need, I click on the reply to message link and answer with why I need it and when I could pick it up.  Then it's a waiting game because the poster reads all the responses and they pick out whom they want to come and pick it up.

This isn't just in the U.S. either, it's something going on all over the world.  If your interested in recycling items, rather than just throwing them away, you should really sign up for it.  If you click on this link, FREECYCLE GROUPS, you can choose your area and sign up to join.  Even if it's not something that you would be interested in doing, please share the information with other people.  I'm sure everyone knows someone who would be interested in participating in this.

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