Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Freshen linen closet, my busy weekend etc.

 Good Morning!  I hope everyone had a nice and safe holiday weekend.  Ours was full of activity.  I'll talk more about that in a minute but first here is another handy dandy tip.

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Freshen Linen Closet: In the linen closet place cotton balls that have been sprayed with your favorite scent. Once they are dry place them in corners and on the shelves.
So I have this drawer, in a buffet, where I keep all my candles.  When I open the drawer I get this great whiff of the scented candles.  So I got to thinking about what a waste it is to throw away candles that still have a great scent when you are no longer able to burn them.  Don't throw them away.  Instead take a knife and scrape the remaining wax into little "chips".  Place these in a basket, sew a little sachet, or whatever, and put them where you would like to have that little blast of scent, like your linen closet.
So Friday night I had Samantha's graduation.  It was just a crazy day all day long.  Ray was supposed to go with me, but he does heating and air and was slammed with jobs that day.  He didn't get home until 8:30pm and I got home about half an hour after him.
Sammi looked great and very happy to be done with the whole school thing.  Me?  I was happy for her and the whole "sad" thing didn't hit me until Sunday.
On Saturday our niece, Angel, had a c-section.  She wasn't due until August, but she has had a tremendous amount of stress during her pregnancy and this past week they discovered that the baby wasn't getting enough blood and oxygen via the placenta.  So they had to take him. 
I went up to see her, after Ray finally brought my car back.  Angel looked pretty good and Lavon (her boyfriend) walked me down to see Lavon Jr.  Let me tell you, I've seen pictures of premature babies, I've heard people talk about it...but I was still blown away by how teeny tiny this baby was.  He is 14 inches long and weighs 2 pounds.
I thought David was tiny when he was born a month early and weighed 5 and a half pounds.  But he was a giant compared to this wee little boy.  The doctors thought his breathing was fine and removed the tube on Saturday night.  However, he was struggling and they had to put it back on Sunday.  I know I ask y'all for prayers all the time, but they always seem to help...so if ya could fit this wee baby into your prayers I'd really appreciate it.  Thanks.
So when I got home I began working on the cake for Sam's party.  The cake was a 2 layered, round, white cake.  However I took some of the cake mix and put it into a small bowl, added some raspberry flavor and red food coloring.  Then I marbled it with the white cake mix.
I had plain white frosting and took some of that out for the middle layer.  I added some more of the raspberry flavor and red food coloring to that along with several teaspoons of pudding mix.  I was trying to make it more of a creme filling.  It was okay I guess, but not exactly what I was trying to accomplish.  (Everyone seemed to like it though.)
Right in the middle of me working on this cake Sam and Matt show up.  They had kept Rylie the night before and were bringing her home.  Ut-oh!  How do I explain me making this cake?  "So this weekend is Memorial day and that is the "anniversary" of the first vacation Ray and I ever took together and I'm making this Red, White and Blue cake to celebrate."  (Actually there wasn't going to be any blue, Red and grey are her school colors)
I'm just rambling on about how he probably won't even remember and here I am being the big romantic, and men just don't get it...blah, blah, blah.  She looks at me and just say's "Mom, your such a nerd."  Good, she bought it.  LOL 
Then that evening Ray and I went over to his brother and sister-in-laws, Red and Div, to shoot some pool and hang out for awhile.  We left a bit early, but we were tired and had to get home so we could get up early and start all over again the next morning. 
I got home and began working on my little picture slide show for Sammi.  It was a little something I was working on for the surprise graduation party that was thrown for her at her older brothers house by her boyfriend, Matt, and her brother, David on Sunday afternoon.I had a little trouble with the making the slide show and getting the music and show to both fit into the same timeline.  So I took what I had made over to Davids the next morning and he fixed it up for me.  Thanks David! 
The boys told Sam that they were having a cookout and she should come over around 5:30pm.  We all got there about 4pm.  David and Matt made BBQ ribs and they were the absolute best!  I took potatoe salad, pasta salad and the cake. 
We watched the slide show on David's laptop which he had set-up in the dining area.  I also made a little collage of a couple pictures and that was sitting next to the laptop.  So David started up the slide show and those of us that were there watched it.  I cried.  There were all these pictures of Sammi from the time she was a baby right up to Friday night when she graduated (pretty much in order of her age).
Then the second to last shot was of her as a newborn and the last picture was a close-up of her on graduation night in her cap and gown.  I just cried...and cried...and cried.  Every time I watched it I cried like a fool!  You would have thought I would get a little used to it and stop crying, but it got me every time.
I picked the song "You Just Get Better All The Time" by Tim McGraw.  I really wanted to use "My Little Girl" by Tim, but I didn't have that CD.  It didn't matter though, because the song I used was perfect.  As a matter of fact, there a line in the song "...as long as you are by my side" and the picture that came up when it played was one of me sitting with my arms around Christopher and Samantha.  It was just too perfect.
I'm gonna have to try to figure out if I can somehow share the slide show (it was made with Windows Movie Maker) with y'all on here.  I've never done anything like that before, but I would think there must be some way I can share it.  If any of ya know how I do that please email me.  Thanks!
Let's see, then Sunday, duh...I mean Monday, Memorial day, we had a cookout with Red and Div.  I made a salad and pie to take.  Mmm, the salad with delicious and I have some left to eat this week for lunch.  Div made some really excellent BBQ chicken and even sent some home with us.  YEA!  Guess what we are having for dinner tonight...LOL.
Well, it's getting late and I have plenty to do today.  Grocery store, butcher shop and if I have enough money I need to get Rylie a new swimsuit and floaties. 

Have a beautiful day!

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tpiez4me said...

Your tips are always right on the money!  What a great idea about the cake too.  Sounds like you had a great weekend!