Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Freshen a Garbage Disposal

Hello and welcome to another cleaning tip this morning!  Does your garbage disposal smell all nasty and gross?  Well, then you've come to the right place this morning. 
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Freshen a Garbage Disposal: Sprinkle baking soda in it along with a few drops dish-washing liquid. Scrub with a brush (a new toilet brush works great), getting under the rubber gasket and all around the inside. Then, turn on water and let the disposal run to flush thoroughly. For a fresh citrus scent, throw in a few cut up lemons or limes and run them through, too, using lots of water.
I always throw my used lemon or lime rinds through the garbage disposal.  It makes it smell so much better.  Um, I hope I don't have to tell you that if you are going to use the toilet brush idea to clean your garbage disposal...to use a NEW one, not a USED one.  Ewwww!
I also heard years ago to keep the blades sharpened that you should throw some ice in the disposal and run it.  I try to do that about once a month or so.  I don't know if it really works, but it doesn't seem to hurt anything, so what the heck.
So on Sunday evening Ray took Rylie and made a little secretive run to the store.  They came back with my favorite ice cream, Cherry Cordial (Mmmmm, marishino cherries and bits of chocolate in cherry ice cream) and a bottle of that Magic Shell chocolate sauce.  It is something that we used to eat, years ago, when we would cuddle up and watch a movie. 
So we fixed bowls of ice cream and popped in a movie.  Have y'all watched that movie "Night at the Museum" with Ben Stiller and Robin Williams?  OMG...we really enjoyed it.  It was too funny.  We also watched Ghost Rider, with Nicholas Cage (ladies he looks good in this one) and really liked that one too. 
Anyway, while Ray and Rylie were shopping for the ice cream at Wal-Mart, Rylie insisted on carrying the little basket.  Well, she was dawdleling from what Ray told me.  Then he hears "daddy, daddy...will you buy me?"  He turns and looks and she is dragging the basket and it is filled with a plastic Sponge Bob bucket, shovel, little garden rake and gardening gloves.  LOL  What do you think daddy did?  Yeah, who could resist that baby?  Well, besides Mommy who has a backbonde when it comes to puppy dog eyes and buying everything under the sun that she wants, LOL. 
So that night she insisted on taking the bucket, shovel, rake and gloves to bed with her.  Yep, we tried to talk her out of it, but she insisted.  We removed the items as soon as she fell asleep.  However, the first thing she grabbed the next morning was all that stuff, so she was carrying it when she came into the living room.  LOL  She was TOOOOOOOOOO CUTE!  
So we spend most of yesterday working in my garden in the front yard.  Well, I was busy working...LOL...Miss Rylie was busy filling her bucket with my dirt and then dumping it where ever she decided to.  Ahh, sheesh...did she have to dump it in the middle of the lawn?  LOL  If your measuring fun level by the amount of dirt she had on her, then she had loads of it.  Uh, yeah both dirt and fun.
It's funny, because she acts like Daddy is the favorite all the time.  Yet she loves to come in the kitchen and help me cook, or bake.  She's my big helper when it comes to setting the dinner table (if she isn't over tired by that time).  And now I find that she wants to garden...just like Mommy likes to. 
I'll tell you why this surprises me so much.  I'm with Rylie 24/7...I know her pretty well.  I know when she is being manipulative (yes, believe me, 3 year olds know pretty darn well how to manipulate adults, LOL)  and we bump heads a lot.  Mostly because I am the disciplinarian.  I don't blame Ray for not wanting to be the "meanie", I don't like it either, but I don't want a spoiled rotten brat on our hands either. 
I mean, there are times when Ray will step up and discipline if he has to, or feels the need to.  But he works all day and sometimes doesn't get home till late on some days.  Then the first thing he hears is "Daaaaaaaaaddddddddddyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, your home!"  when he walks in the door.  It's the sound of an angel calling his name...and I don't blame him for not wanting to spoil it and having to be the "mean" one. 
But I can't tell you how much it means to me when he does step in to help me out when she is in one of her moods and having a fit.  Which she will then turn to him and say either "Daddy bad boy" or "Mommy!  Daddy mean me", LOL.  He doesn't even have to do anything for her to say the latter one.  Sometimes she will just walk up to me and say it to try to get him in trouble or get a game of chase going. 
She loves to play chase.  Her dad will be sitting in the lazy boy reading the paper or watching thenews and she will walk up and stand next to him, the next thing you know she smacks him on the arm and hollers "Gotcha, Daddy!"  Then they run through the house, yes it is like having two kids in the house, chasing each other back and forth yelling "Gotcha!" 
Rylie's newest thing is to sit and watch TV and everytime that a commercial comes on she will say "Mommy/Daddy (insert name of parent that is closest), you buy me?"  (((Sigh)))  Where did this come from?  How did she figure out that this was stuff you could buy?  Where did she learn the word "buy"?  LOL  I guess it is time to start teaching her the real value of a dollar...and when did that value become so much less than when I was a kid?
Or worse yet...LOL...when the Sunday flyers come and she will sit and go through and point to every item and say "Mommy/Daddy (insert name of parent that is closest), you buy me?"  Yesterday she asked me to buy her a phone.  A phone for crying out loud!  She's just getting the English language down and now she wants a phone.  Sheesh, Samantha was at least 12 before she asked for a phone.  LOL
Oh, and no...she is not getting a phone.  She already has about 4 or 5 toy cell phones and 2 toy house phones.  I think that is good enough for now.  But knowing her father, lol, I'm going to guess that when she is 6 and presents him with an argument for why she desperately has to have one that he will probably get one for her.
Well, I am going to get off here and do some things that I want to before the Princess wakes up and starts in with a new list of "buy me's".
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Have a wonderful day!


redpoppy007 said...

she is a doll.

nightmaremom said...

Love that tip!!!   And she is precious!


sugarsweet056 said...

Rylie is so cute! {{ }}
Hope you don't mind if I snag a few of your household tips from time to time to put in my recipe journal. I have posted about all I know, LOL I know you borrowed some of mine last year. I think I've run dry! hehehe TY for letting me snag, I hope.
I visit your journal but seldom comment, just wanted you to know I'm here. :)