Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Cleaning tip-childrens artwork on walls

Good Morning!  Time for another cleaning tip and if you have a toddler or young child in the house this one is really going to come in handy!                   

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Crayon on Walls or Washable Wallpaper: Spray with WD-40®, then gently wipe, using a paper towel or clean cloth. If the mark is stubborn, sprinkle a little baking soda on a damp sponge and gently rub in a circular motion. If the WD-40® leaves a residue, gently wipe off with a sponge soaked in soapy water; rinse clean; blot dry. Another method is to use a hair dryer - it heats the wax and wipes away instantly. If the color remains, like red usually does, wet a cloth with bleach and wipe.

Now Rylie Jo prefers ink artwork, and for that I use rubbing alcohol to remove it.  It works pretty good, or you can use bleach.  Once I was out of rubbing alcohol so I sprayed it with some hairspray and wiped it off.  I always use the alcohol method to remove ink from clothes, it works great!

This is my Daily OM for today...

May 1, 2007
Cause, Effect, And Transformation

Feeling Depleted

There are times in our lives when it seems our bodies are running on empty. We are not sick, nor are we necessarily pushing ourselves to the limit-rather, the energy we typical enjoy has mysteriously dissipated, leaving only fatigue. Many people grow accustomed to feeling this way because they do not know that it is possible to exist in any other state. The body's natural state, however, is one of energy, clarity, and balance. Cultivating these virtues in our own bodies so that we can combat feelings of depletion is a matter of developing a refined awareness of the self and then making changes based on our observations.

A few scant moments of focused self-examination in which you assess your recent schedule, diet, and general health may help you zero in on the factors causing your depletion. If you are struggling to cope with an overfull agenda, prioritization can provide you with more time to sleep and otherwise refresh yourself. Switching to a diet containing plenty of nutritious foods may serve to restore your vigor, especially when augmented by supplements like B vitamins or ginseng. Consider, too, that a visit to a healer or homeopath will likely provide you with wonderful insights into your tiredness. But identifying the source of your exhaustion will occasionally be more complicated than spotting a void in your lifestyle and filling it with some form of literal nourishment. Since your earthly and ethereal forms are so intimately entwined, matters of the mind and heart can take their toll on your physical self. Intense emotions such as anger, sadness, jealousy, and regret need fuel to! manifest in your consciousness, and this fuel is more often than not corporeal energy. Conversely, a lack of mental and emotional stimulation may leave you feeling listless and lethargic.

Coping with and healing physical depletion will be easier when you accept that the underlying cause might be more complex than you at first imagined. A harried lifestyle or a diet low in vital nutrients can represent only one part of a larger issue affecting your mood, stamina, and energy levels. When you believe that you are ultimately in control of how you feel, you will be empowered to transform yourself and your day-to-day life so that lasting fatigue can no longer gain a foothold in your existence.

I really need to take a look at what is going on in my life, health-wise, right now.  For the past month I've been real fatigued and often feel quite nauseated.  NO!  It is not that...I am NOT...I repeat, NOT pregnant!  Then Sunday night I began to get chest pains, when it started down my arm I called and had my son, David, take me to the ER.

The EKG reading was fine, my blood work was fine, and the nitro helped quite a bit with the pain.  The doctor said I probably have angina...I guess that is not enough oxygen getting to my heart.  He wanted me to stay overnight and have a stress test in the morning. 

"But I'm not having a heart attack right?"  Right.  "Okay, so I don't really need to stay and the stress test could be done later, right?"  Do you have insurance?  "No."  No, you don't have to stay overnight and you could do the stress test later.  "Okey-dokey!"

LMAO!  Yeah, tell them you don't have insurance and all of a sudden all those tests really aren't all that necessary.  I still have to contact my doctor and let him know whats been going on and probably make an appointment. 

But I did some research online about angina and it doesn't seem too serious, so I am relieved about that.  The ER doctor also gave me a prescription for nitro pills for the pain.  Which is good, the next time I can take those and if the pain doesn't stop then I'll know that it might be something more serious.  I guess that is how it works, lol.  Yeah, you can see I'm real informed about this, lol.

Well, have a wonderful day and best of luck to Lauren, whom I met this morning and is 39 weeks along!  Let me know when that baby decides to make it's entry into the world.  I'll have to go through my things and see what baby tips I have for you.

Take care y'all!

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