Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Water & fireflies

I absolutely love watching Rylie discover new things.  She loves playing in the pool.  It can be a bit of a chore if we forget to take her floats with us.  She will just walk right down the steps (no matter how cold it is) and get right into the pool.

It is probably a wee bit less than 3 feet and she can touch with no problem.  You know that high pitched squealing screaming that little girls make?  Well, nearly the whole time she is in the pool she is laughing and making that high pitched sound.  The life guard just sits and laughs at her. 

If she isn't in the water she goes and grabs our pool ID cards and keeps walking over to the life guard showing them that we are okay to be there.  LOL  It's too funny.  She puts on her little sunglasses, picks up the cards, looks at them, then stands there with her little hands on her hips thinking.  Eventually she looks for the life guard then starts to walk ("No running Rylie") over to them.

No worries folks.  I keep her covered in sunscreen.  Usually her hair gets all greasy because I slather it on her scalp too.  "No thank you Rylie, please don't put that on Mommy.  I have my own lotion that isn't SPF 1 million".  LOL


So last night I put the little fish in the bathtub and after I get down washing her it is play time.  "Ry...splashing like that is only for the pool, not the bathtub".  So we were working on the blowing bubbles thing.  Poor kid, she kept putting her mouth in the water and then started to take a breath.  Finally, I showed her to do it like when you blow raspberries.  Ahhh, now I got her attention.  (Walking up to me and blowing a raspberry on my arm, leg or back is one of her favorite things to do at this time.)

So she got the blowing bubble thing down.  Then she rolled over on her back and began testing how far she could put her head back.  She's done this before, but whenever she got to her ears, she would jerk her head back up.  But last night she put her index fingers in both her ears and put her head on the bottom of the tub. 

I could see her mind working, the next time she put her head back, she didn't use her fingers.  After a few seconds she sat up and thought again.  Then she started smiling.  She laid back down, and starting saying "Hello...hello" and then began giggling and sat up.  It was too cute.  This went on for quite a while.  I tried to put my face down so I could talk to her under water, but she started laughing so hard that she swallowed water. 

Then she would stand up and look at me, look at her dad sitting nearby reading the paper and say "daddy, daddy...DADDY"!  He would look up, then she would reach down "grab" some water, put it on her belly (who knows what she was doing) and then "jump" into the water and begin giggling.  Jumping into the water is basically taking a little hop, then plopping down on her bum, making a wee splash.  Poor daddy, he didn't get to read much of the paper when this started, because she kept calling for him to watch her.


Later on, after bath time, I went out to sit on the front step and have a cigarette.  Little Miss Bathtub Diving Champion of June 2006 came outside to sit with me.  She quickly spotted a little firefly crawling on the side of the house.  I picked him up to show her how their bums light up like a lil' green flashlight.  He began to fly off and soon Rylie was waving saying "bye" in her sweet as honey little voice.  Then she blew a kiss to her new little friend.  How cute  is that?! 


Below are some pictures I took the past few weeks.  One is when we made brownies and the other is Rylie's own unique make-up style.

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Have a beautiful day!



mastersblynn said...

What an absolute doll!  Enjoy every second!!!! Barbara

pookyluvsu said...

That is the cutest thing. I love it when kids are seeing things for the first time. Love the pics she is adorable!

Hugs, Angela

bhbner2him said...

These are the times we will cherish all our lives!  I just came in from a tea party with Bug, her horsie and her teddy bear.  Very nice!  ;o)  -  Barbara