Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Cleaning/Laundry Tip--Keeping shirts/blouses clean

Good Morning!  It's Tuesday which means another cleaning/laundry tip.  This is for those of you who have shirts or blouses to wash. 

Deodorant Stains on the Underarms of Washable Shirts: Sponge on white vinegar (or soak stain in it); wait 30 minutes. Launder shirts in the hottest water safe for the fabric. Using an enzyme detergent or a detergent with bleach alternative check care labels to be sure this is okay). I sometimes put liquid laundry detergent right on the area, leave it for five to ten minutes, then wash. To prevent: Let deodorant dry before dressing. And don't let stains sit! Apply pre-wash spray or liquid detergent ASAP, then launder. Every third or fourth washing, use the hottest water safe for the shirts.

Perspiration Stains/Odor: Soak the stained shirt in equal parts ammonia and water and add a few tablespoons of liquid dish soap and let soak overnight. Then, wash the shirts as usual.
Soiled Shirt Collars: Take a small brush (another good use for an old toothbrush) and brush hair shampoo into soiled shirt collars before laundering. Shampoo is made to dissolve body oils.

I'd like to share my horoscope from The Daily OM with ya'll.  It just seems so appropriate at this time.

January 22, 2008
Abundant Perceptions

Capricorn Daily Horoscope

You might feel envious of others today. You could find yourself imagining that the grass is greener elsewhere, and this could cause resentment about the abundant lives of others. Rather than getting mired in thoughts of lack, youmight think about turning your thoughts around by focusing on abundance. If you take a look at your own life today, you will notice the blessings that surround you. Making an effort to focus on your positive qualities will make you happier and feel more at peace, regardless of your material possessions or financial status. Appreciate your inner worth and you will see how rich you already are.

Our level of abundance is directly in proportion to the goodness we choose to see in our lives. The perception that others have more abundant lives than we do is what usually makes our lives seem lacking. Since we tend to create more of what we focus on in life, we can serve ourselves by turning our attention to the goodness in our lives. This encourages the perception of abundance, even if we don’t have any more than we did originally. The more we focus on our blessings and affirm our wealth and abundance, the more abundance we will create in our lives. Your abundance will increase today as you choose to adopt the perception that you already have an abundant life.

I don't spend alot of time being envious of others.  There isn't much to envy.  I have 4 beautiful children and I live with my soulmate.  I lived the life of having money, and ya know what?  I was miserable. 

Don't get me wrong.  The life we live is not an everyday walk in the park.  We have our ups and downs.  A lot less since the older kids have grown up andand matured and don't want us each back with their other biological parent. 

However, we have a roof over our heads.  We have food in the cupboards.  We have children that we love.  We've each lost our fathers, but we still have our mothers.  Neither one of us has lost a sibling (Thank God) and our children are all healthy.   

I love my ol' man and I know he loves me more than any women he's been with.  I don't have to ask him because he has proven it to me again and again.  We've been blessed with this mind thing...where one of us thinks of something and the other one either starts to do it or says it out loud.  (Rylie's first name was one of those mind connections) 

We haven't been blessed with money or material things.  But we have been blessed in so many ways.  Ways that are so much more valuable than money alone.  He has had a major impact on my life and the way I view the world.  I know he feels the difference and positive impact I've had on his life.  We both have someone we can love and trust and that is a pretty amazing thing.

The only time things have ever gotten difficult between us is when there has been interference from others.  People unhappy with their own lives or situations and they feel the need to attack us.  I've learned to recognize those people for what they really are...pitifully sad humans who lack true love and happiness in their lives.  One of my new resolutions is to try harder not to let those people affect me.  They are to be pitied, nothing more. 

Anyway, where was I going with this?  LOL(I'm rambling again)  I think it is important to see what we have in our lives that is truly important, the most valuable things aren't  materialistic.  I know how rich I am.  Do you? 

I keep hearing all these "smart" folks on tv talking about a recession possibly beginning.  I don't know where they live, but Ray works at the same job he did 8 years ago and makes about $5,000 less than he did in 2000.  It's been a recession around here for awhile now. 

We know where we stand financially, probably in the somewhere amongst the low income families.  But even though we may not be rich (in the bank) we are rich in so many other ways, and that is what is truly important.

Welcome to any newcomers & hugs to all my friends!
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