Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Happy freaking New Year!

December 26th I went to the doctor.  He was out, I saw the nurse practioner.  She said I had an infection in my chest, possibly bronchitis.  I spent the next several days sleeping and coughing my lungs out.

Eventually I developed a pain in my pelvic region each time I coughed.  It felt like someone was stabbing me.  Last night I had another coughing spell and now the pain won't go away and I'm feeling a bit nauseous.

I think I may have a hernia.  My New Years eve really sucked, the worse one ever, and it looks like a premonition for the whole year of 2008.  I don't have insurance so I don't know what I'll do if I do have a hernia.  From what I've been reading it could get serious and require surgery if it is a hernia. 

My life really sucks.

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