Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Not a hernia

Good news, the nurse practioner says I do not have a hernia.  She did say that the violent coughing caused me to strain a muscle and it may take some time to heal.  But, "Whew!"...what a relief to know that it is not a hernia.

She also said that Rylie and I may just continue to pass this bug back and forth.  Ugh!  She said that I may continue to have this cough for up to 6 weeks.  She just recommended that I continue to take the cough medicine and lots and lots of liquids.  I'm about to float upstream from all the fluids I've been taking in.

I'm also just about sick and tired of all the sleep.  LOL  You wouldn't think I'd complain about that, but my house is sorely missing my tender loving care.  I'm just so tired so much of the time.  I know that is a sign and I need to heed it and rest up.  It's just so hard to do when the cleaning and laundry suffer for it.

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