Saturday, May 6, 2006

Look who's talking now...

Well, Rylie is still not grabbing a hold of the English language and running with it.  Every now and then Ray and I talk about it, we worry a bit, but not too much.  The fact of the matter is that she gets everything she wants without having to utter one word.  She points and grunts and people jump for her.  Hey, the kid isn't stupid, it works, why should she change anything?  LOL

Let's see she does have a bit of a vocabulary.  She can say...

DADDY (which sounds more like Da-eee)

JILL-that would be me...she heard everyone over the Thanksgiving and Christmas season calling me that and picked it up.  If I had known, I would have made everyone call me Mommy.  (it sounds like Gee-Ohl),

She used to call all her sisters Baub.  I don't know where that came from.  Now she calls Aimee either AYE or EEE, kind of whatever suits her mood at the moment and she thinks Aimee will respond to.



NIGHT-NIGHT (nigh-nigh)

DISNEY-as in the Disney Channel (Nee)  When she wants me to change the channel she points to the TV and say's "Nee".  Thanks Disney for putting those dang Mouse ears on the bottom of the screen.  I can't even fool her and put it on PBS because she knows if those ears aren't on the screen it isn't Disney.

DOG (daw)  She also barks, which sometimes includes her getting on the floor and crawling around on all fours, lol.

KITTY (Ki-eee)  And she meows.  The other day she saw a kitty and I told her that kittys say meoow meoow.  Which she did too.  Later that day I pointed to a little glass figurine and said that's a kitty at which point she began to meow.  She's brilliant, don't ya think?  LOL

Oh and she definately has mastered the use of the words ME and MINE.  Yep, she's got those down real good.  Now I just have to teach her that just because she say's "mine", doesn't make it so, lol.

Well, have a great Saturday everyone!  I can't believe it's almost 9AM, I got to actually read a few journals and make a whole journal entry before Rylie Jo woke up.  Weeeee!  It's going to be a fantabulous day! 

Hugs and love,        


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