Thursday, May 11, 2006

Thursday Home Remedy...finally

Wow, what a day.  I did get on here this morning to do my usual Thursday Home Remedy tip.  However, the phone rang, I chatted.  I took a shower, the phone rang again.  The phone rang a few more times.  The baby woke up, her bed was soaked...sigh...again, lol.  The phone rang.  I helped Aimee and Chels with these tee-shirts that I designed on the computer.  (They are having this Summer Kick-off Extravaganza party this week-end.  I'll have to try to get a pic of Aimee in her tee.)  The phone rang.  I had to go get more printer ink and go to the grocery store.  I made a big batch of potato salad for the girls party.

And now here I finally am ready to post my...                                 Preview(like my new tag?)

Mosquito Bites:   Apply lime juice diluted with water on bites with cotton ball.

Hey, them little boogers can really leave a nasty welt sometimes.  I'll try anything once to see if it works.  We haven't seen any skeeters yet, but when they show up I'll give it a try.

Well, have a great evening.  Tomorrow is Friday...YEA!  I wonder if I could get the old man to go out on a date this weekend.  I'd really like to go shoot some pool like we used to do.  We'll see.

Hugs & love,



bhbner2him said...

What a neat idea you have here!  Tips, recipes and some adorable stories mixed in.  I hope you get that Date Night you want for Mother's probably deserve it!  ;o)  -  Barbara

footbush2 said...

I'm sorry I didn't see your e-mail sooner than now, but I do have a little bit of a tip for you.  For urine, blood, vomit or other "protein" type stains, it's good to use a "Protein Spotter".  They target breaking down the proteins that can linger and leave smells that stay around, sometimes for a LONG LONG time!  At they sell a SC Johnson Protein Spotter,

I hope this information helps!