Sunday, May 21, 2006

Word of the day...

So there I was looking up a word on the online dictionary at Merriam-Webster.  They have this cool little box with the Word of the Day.  This is the word today:

esoteric adj. - 1) designed for or understood by a small number of people; broadly: difficult to understand 2) private, confidential

Here, let me use it in a sentence.  "Men are what I would consider to be esoteric creatures."  LOL  Oh well, I thought it was funny.  But then I am here in a house with a two year old 24-7.  I find myself to be much to easily amused.

I also find that I am talking to myself more and more.  I have some of the best conversations with me.  Heck, I don't talk back or argue with me...well, not very often anyway.   I agree with myself on most religious and political views.  I find that I can be both amusing and intelligent.   

No!  I am not ready for the funny farm.  Not yet, that is.  Although on some days I think it might not be such a bad trip to go on, lol.  I mean farms are nice, aren't they?  Cute little animals, green fields, peace and quiet. 

Hmm, I'm rambling again.  That's one thing that I hate about having a conversation with me.  I get started out on one subject and before I know it, I am all over the court talking about things that have nothing to do with anything.

Have a beautiful day! 

Hugs & love,


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bhbner2him said...

You are not talking to are improving baby's verbal skills!  ;o)  - Barbara