Wednesday, December 7, 2005

100 things about me

Okay, I was wandering around looking at some other journals when I saw this one  On the left side bar near the top he (*Yikes! I knew that, my fingers just get going faster than, or the baby, ummm, okay, okay.  It was just a stupid mistake.  Honestly I read the info, lol.  Sorry!) has a link "100 things about me".  I thought it was kind of neat, although I never thought I would be able to write down 100 things about myself.  I was wrong, I did and here it is.  Uh, some of this might be considered PG viewing, lol.  

100 things about me:  

1. I have blue eyes

2. I have blonde hair

3. I have freckles

4. I have 4 children that I love more than anything

5. I love my motherI

6. My favorite jewelry is turquoise

7. I am a capricorn

8. I was an accidental birth

9. I love to paint

10. I love to do counted cross stitch

11. I love to read

12. I no longer have the time to do #'s 9, 10 and 11

13. I love to wear suede

14. My grandfather was born in Mexico

15. My oldest child is turning 20 yrs this month

16. My youngest child is 20 months old 

17. I am divorced

18. I have been living in sin for the past 8 years

19. I hate my face

20. I hate my body

21. I love feeling loved

22. I love to make others feel like they are loved

23. I have a tattoo on my left hip

24. I had my belly button pierced

25. My belly button piercing closed

26. I want to get my belly button pierced again

27. My mother was diagnosed with cancer in 2003

28. My dad died suddenly in 2004

29. My greatest fear is that I will die and no one will care

30. Usually when I start to run the vacuum I end up re-arranging all the furniture

31. I wanted to be an actress when I was young

32.I love giving public speeches

33. I was in the Miss Teen Ohio of America pagent when I was 16 (I didn't win)

34. I lack self-confidence

35. If I am attacked (physically or verbally) I will not forgive easily, and my memory is long 

36. I am likely to seek revenge if I am wronged

37.I am a cheap drunk (ie: I can get tipsy on 3 beers)

38. I fold my underwear

39. I LOVE sex!  with someone I love

40. I LOVE sex!  with someone I love (what can I say, I love it repeatedly)

41. I probably have almost a hundred framed pictures of my kids on the walls 

42. I have pierced ears, twice in each one

43. I love to take pictures of my kids

44. I have 2 brothers (one older and one younger)

45.  I have a half sister I've never met

46. I have a half brother I've never met

47. I have been 29 for several years now (Yikes, and my son is turing 20! Oops!)

48. I want to get breast implants

49. I have high blood pressure

50. I am half way done with this list

51. My house is yellow

52. I hate cleaning the toilets

53. I like to refinish old furniture

54. I made my first quilt last year

55. Iwish I could sew better

56. I was confined to bed for a certain amount of time with all my pregnancies.  (3 months the last time)

57. I hate clutter

 58. I feel more relaxed when everything is in "order"

59. I took diet pills in high school, even though I only weighed 113 lbs. 

60. I thought I was fat when I weighed 113 lbs.

61. I wish I weighed 113 lbs. now!!!

62. I love gin (as in gin lemon 7's, not the card game)

63. I hate clutter

64. I think I will never come up with 100 things to finish this list

65. I am going to take a break and go smoke a cigarette

66. I started smoking in Jr. High School

67. I smoked pot in High School (I didn't inhale though, lmao!!!!)

68. I perform (getting things done) better under stress

69. I worry every moment that Rylie is in someone elses care 

70. I love to shop

71. Especially for other people (refer to #70)

72. But I like when we can afford for me to shop for myself too

73. I got married too young

74. I didn't have the big O until I was 29

75. I faked it until then (refer to #74)

76. I love angels

77. I believe in God

78. I hate getting up for church

79. I've been suffering from insomnia for about 3 weeks (I'm only getting 3-5 hours of sleep each night)

80. I love to be held as I go to sleep

81. I feel loved when I am being "spooned"

82. I want my children to be healthy and happy

83. I miss my best friend Sascha

84. (refer to #83) Even though she has lived in S.C. for several years now and I only see her about once a year, I still think of her as my best friend

85. I have never been arrested

86. I have had handcuffs put on me though (no law enforcement officers were involved)

87. I love the beach, although a baby pool and a pitcher of pina colada's will do!

88. I make homemade tanning lotion

89. I love to bake

90. I enjoy going camping

91. I love seafood

92. I like cherry Icee's

93. I like my steak medium rare.  Yum!

94. I like Rueben sandwiches, but the sauerkraut makes me gassy

95. I thought Imay have been adopted when I was little.  I wasn't.

96. I like  gold, I prefer to wear silver jewelry

97.I like country music, Rock & Roll and lots of the 70's funk stuff

98. I'd like to meet Dr. Phil

99. I'd love to meet Richard Gere

100. I believe in karma (ie: hit me and a piano is gonna fall on you, lol)  

Okay, little Miss attitude is not too willing to let me sit here and write, so I will probably be back later when she naps.

*Okay, I had to come back and edit when it was so politely pointed out to me that I had referred to the author of the Aurora Walking Vacation journal as a she, when in actuality he is a HE!  My mistake, and my deepest apologies to Paul.


plittle said...

She? Now I'm wondering just how closely you read my list?

trickeytricky said...

I have seen this all over the place, but haven't done one myself yet... I think I may have to jump on the wagon....

I fold my underwear too!!!! hehehehe... me boyfriend thinks I am dorky because of it... but so what. :)


hadonfield78 said...

How do you make homeaide Tanning Lotion ??
Thats a new one on me.