Tuesday, December 27, 2005

House cleaning tip-carpet


A cleaning tip, or two, that you may find useful.  As I say on my Web page, these are tips that have been emailed to me, or that I have found on the Internet.  I have not tried all of them and cannot guarantee their effectiveness.  If you do try one and it works, or if you have another one that works for you, let me know.

I know I did the carpet stain removal with the baby wipes not long ago, but I found a few more tips on keeping your carpet clean and thought I would post them today. I figured these might come in handy for some of you who had people over during the holidays and might have a few new stains.

Carpet Stain Removal: 

Carpet Stain Removal - Method 1

  • Mix some neutral pH detergent with a cup of warm water. Blot, don't rub onto the carpet.
  • Prepare a slightly acidic solution of one third of a cup of white vinegar and two thirds of a cup of warm water. Again blot, and don't rub onto the carpet.
  • Apply cold water and blot
  • Absorb all of the liquid with clean, white towels.
  • Allow the area to dry thoroughly and then go over it with a vacuum cleaner.

Carpet Stain Removal - Method 2

  • Soak up as much of the spill as possible.
  • Mix a few drops of dish soap into about a cup or two of hydrogen peroxide.
  • Use a sponge and carefully blot on the carpet.

Treat carpet stains as quickly as you can. Only use white towels or cloths to prevent bleeding from the material into the stain. When blotting, work from the outer edges of the stain in towards the center. This will prevent unsightly rings from remaining on the carpet. Pretest all mixtures in an inconspicuous area of the carpet before using on the actual stain.

If the stain persists contact a carpet and rug cleaning professional. With the use of heavy duty equipment, industrial cleaners and steam extraction, they may be able to remove stains that have left you frustrated.

Carpet Cleaning tips

To keep your carpet clean, it is important to clean up spills as they happen. Blot up the spill immediately using clean, white paper towels or a regular towel. Do not rub as this will force the spill deeper into the carpet.

There are several ways to clean spills that have turned into stains. Club soda makes a great emergency spotter. Pour it on the spot, let it sit for a few seconds and pat it dry with a clean white towel

Older stains do well with an acidic formulation as follows: combine 2 tablespoons detergent, 3 tablespoons vinegar, and one quart warm water. Work into stain and blot dry. Cover the spot with a clean towel or paper towels and place a heavy item such as a book on top of it to help draw out excess moisture. When the towel becomes damp, replace it with a dry one.

Quick carpet clean up tip:

Baby wipes are miracle-workers on carpet stains, from motor oil to blood, they remove almost anything!  I have used this one, and it did work for me, on fresh stains.


Well, I hope everyone had a splendid Christmas!  Things got off to a rough start here at our house, but the day went well after that.  All of my kids were here for Christmas Eve and we all woke up in the morning, it was great. 

My ex celebrates Christmas on the Eve so I usually don't get the kids (the older 3) till around noon on Christmas day.  But now that the older two are both driving they came up that night after the festivities at their fathers.

Christopher (my 13 yr old) was a great help in the kitchen that morning.  He told me that he is taking Home Ec this year and he could help me out.  I was nearly floored by his offer.  So I showed him how to peel potatoes and he did that for me and then asked what else he could do to help. 

What a great kid!  As a matter of fact, every time I went to do something in the kitchen he followed and asked what he could do.  He was a tremendous help to me on a day when I really needed it.  

He is at that age where you just don't expect that kind of thing from them.  You know what I mean, most kids that age are just too wrapped up in their own selves to even care about anyone else.  It's the terrible two's all over again, but worse because they are young teens.  LOL

As usual Samantha was a great help with Rylie.  Keeping an eye on her and trying to keep her out from under my feet.  She kept her busy while I cooked and we waited for Rays girls to get here.  Eventually she let Rylie open the gifts that Sam had gotten for her.  Rylie was just about ready to dive under the tree and tear everything open.

When Aimee got here we went ahead and started opening presents.  I think everyone was pretty happy with what they got.  I was worried about Chris, he is at that age where he is too old for toys anymore, so I ended up getting him a lot of clothes.  Lucky for me was pleased with getting the clothing and really liked them.

The kids wanted to do the stockings next.  I really , I mean, Santa really fills those things up with a lot of little goodies.  But I made them wait till after we ate and Steph had gotten here and opened her gifts.  Then I handed the stockings to Rylie and told her who to give them to.  She got a little side tracked, wanting to get into everyone else's stocking, but I gave handed her own to her and everyone got to open them.

That was about it.  Some of the kids sat down and played cards and ate dessert while I started in on the clean up.  Yeah, I don't know where Chris was then, lol.  But it was a good day.

Rylie got spoiled, we did well by all the kids, and we got a lot of good gifts too. 

I hope ya'll had a safe and happy holiday! 

Jill Marie


trickeytricky said...

I love your j... because I am just a single gal, trying to make it on my own, my momma is NO help when it comes to cooking, cleaning tips... not the betty crocker type... but I have this nasty stain on my living room carpet, covered by a couch now... but with your help I can maybe get that sucker out!! Yipee!! :-P

Amanda :)

jusmeinia7 said...

thanks for the great tips as I am having my house recarpeted on Friday.  I'll have to try these when a spill happens, and I know it will!  Love your journal, I'll check back often

csandhollow said...

Rylie is supposed to be spoiled!