Thursday, December 8, 2005

Thursday Home Health Remedy~Mouse update


These are home health remedies that have been emailed to me or that I found on the internet.  I have not tried them all and do NOT guarantee the effectiveness of them.  If you try one and it works, or if you have one that works for you, please email me.  Thanks.


  • Colgate® Toothpaste makes an excellent salve for burns

Yeah, well that one I found on the internet when researching for remedies.  I haven't tried it yet, and frankly it sounds a bit weird to me.  I do use toothpaste to clean my silver jewelry though, I know it works great for that. 


On the mouse front, no luck yet.  I bought some big old fashioned rat traps at the store the other day.  Ray set them up last night with some cheese.  We'll see what happens, but I think this fat, little fella is  having way too much fun eating and laughing at us.

So I thought I would do another little list like I did yesterday.  Don't worry this one won't be as long.  This one is called 10 things about Fat Freddy:

1. Freddy is a mouse

2. He lives in my house

3. He is FAT

4. He is brown

5. He likes to eat chocolates under my bed

6. He likes to hide behind the freezer

7. He likes to poo in my closet

8. He is very smart

9. He thinks this is his house

10. I'm gonna kill Freddy

Ya'll have a great day!


csandhollow said...

Forget the cheese. They can get that off of the trap. Try peanut butter!!! It always worked for me.

swthmchic56 said...

If you use PB , use very little or fat freddie will just get fatter.  I'm deathly afraid of those little rodents. I once tried everything to get rid of my house guess. I finally got tired of using traps, that I sat up all night with a bb gun. LO AND BEHOLD        ''I shot him right in the ear!"  RIP.

tillysweetchops said...

That pesky mouse thinks he owns the joint. Your place is a luxury Mouse House to him!! (Poor little Micky, make it swift!)

About burns, I have the ULTIMATE remedy. Lavender Eseential Oil (not sure if you can get the real stuff over there) - but say you burn yourself on the oven and it really hurts, a drop or two of lavender will take away ALL pain in 10 minutes and prevent scarring. This is an aromatherapy recipe and it's one of the only ones that work 100% of the time. I think hospitals are testing it for use in Burns units. Hope you can get some.

Tilly x