Thursday, December 15, 2005


Oh my gosh.  I just looked over at the china hutch and saw my camera sitting there and realized that I forgot to upload my pictures from last night. 

These first ones are of Rylie and Mariah, a little girl that is the daughter of a friend of Ray's eldest daughter.  She is 2 months older than Rylie Jo.  When she first came into the house, Rylie just lit up! 

Soon she started smiling and jumping around.  Before we knew it she was doing this happy little high pitch scream, and it didn't take long for Mariah to join in, lol.  Like two teenage girls who haven't seen each other for a month or two.  It was crazy loud, but oh so cute.

Mariah stayed here while the girls went to the piercing place.  Let's not talk about that though.  LOL  The wee ones had a blast playing with each other.  I'm surprised I got them to sit still for the minute that it took me to take these 2 pictures.

Preview Rylie looks so happy, but Mariah looks like she is telling her to calm the heck down, lol.

Preview How pleased is that look on Rylies face?  Mariah doesn't seem to pleased with the papparrazzi though.

Well the girls came back and picked up Mariah after about 45 minutes or so.  Rylie seemed a bit disappointed, although I don't know how happy she was to share Mom and Dad's attention.

So I decided it was time to get out the crayons and start in on our 2005 Christmas ornament project.  These are two pictures of Rylie working on her ornament picture.  I have to figure out which one to put on the back of the ornament (frame).

Preview "Hmm, I wonder what flavor this one is." 

Preview "Wow!  So many flavors to choose from!"

And this (poor quality) picture is the picture ornament.  I do have to make a correction on my idea though (Dec. 10th entry).  I originally thought to just hot glue the ribbon to the bottom of the foot of the frame.  I just slipped the ribbon in between the sheets of acrylic and used it that way.  I think it works fine.  Do it which ever way you think looks best.

Preview I traced her hand and then let her color on it.  Down at the bottom I wrote her name, the date and the year.  This will be great to get out and look at each year as she gets older.

Well, have a great day!

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