Friday, December 2, 2005


No names have been used in the following story to protect the innocent.  Actually this borders on the things I am not to discuss in my journal, however this is just my experience in this matter.  As a matter of fact, there is no "proof" as to the identity of the booger perpetrator. - Free Glitter Graphics - Free Glitter Graphics

S-i-g-h...{{{slowly shaking my head back and forth}}}   Turn and look back towards the bathroom with a look of complete bewilderment on my face.  Deep breath.   Why?  Can someone please tell me why?  I just don't understand it.  Am I the only one who deals with these things?  Why?  Why?  Why?!!  

I am talking about Tilly, not like that (I think booger means something a wee bit different in the UK).  I am talking about boogers from the human body...ewwwww...thickened nostril mucus.  Ugh!  I can't believe I am talking about this.    

But I have to face it every single morning.  Oh, not my own mind you.  No, mine go into a tissue and then into the trash can.  These particular boogers that I am talking about are the ones that are staring me straight in the face every morning.  

My favorite part of the day is when Rylie is still sleeping and I get into a hot steamy shower.  Yes, I love to step into the shower, let the hot water hit my body.  It hits me in the face, softening up the dry sleep in my eyes.   

I grab the soap and start to scrub my face.  I rinse, letting the hot water just run down my face.  I open my eyes, starting to feel refreshed already.  As I look at the wall of the shower I see it, or rather, "them".  They are small, about 1/4 of an inch big or so.  But...ewwww, just ewwwww!   

Right in front of my face.  Just stuck to the wall of the shower.  It is a small shower too.  So one wrong move, and I could be brushing up against the little nasties!     

Now, I have asked about this particular situation before.  I've been told that the steam helps to ummm, loosen the ol' boys up a bit.  Apparently, they just (insert sarcastic voice here) come  sliding out of there and end up on the walls of the shower.  Right at my eye level.     

Excuse me a moment, please.   {{{turning around, covering mouth}}}  Muffled>>>ARRRGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!  {{{touch of the hair, straighten shirt, turn back around and SMILE}}}     

Okay, so I understand that in the winter months there may be some accumulation of, ummm, mucus.  However, I wait until I get out of the shower and one of the first things I do, after wrapping up in my towel, is grab a tissue and blow. 

It's really not that time consuming, only takes a second or two.  Okay maybe 5-10 seconds, depending on the amount of, uhhhh, accumulation.  Then I throw the tissue in the trash.    

Is this just my pet peeve, or what?  Perhaps I am expecting too much.  However, I am the one that has to clean up this nasty stuff, or be left to stare at it.  Just let me say again, "EWWWWWW!"    

Of course, maybe this is just a guy thing.  I remember one time with the ex husband, and this was years ago, but it has stuck in my memory.  I was in the kitchen and looked into the family room and saw him picking his nose.  Do you know what he did with his "discovery"?  He flicked it onto the carpet!!!!  Again..."EWWWWW!"  Especially since we had small children who played on the floor!  Gross and inconsiderate!    

Oh well, back to the shower.  I cleaned up the four in the shower yesterday...with "someones" washcloth.  Not really, but I should have.  Now I wonder if I am going to be "sharing" the shower again today.       

Please share some of the things ya'll have to deal with so I don't feel so alone on this, lol.  Come on, give me some stories of the nasty things you have to live with.   

By the way, Tilly, I am having a lot of fun writing.  It is fun to try to make the stories fun and descriptive.  Thanks for the inspiration!  Housewives really do have adventurous, and sometimes, "dangerous" lol, lives!


hadonfield78 said...

I just transfered back to working days 2 years ago. before that I was on nights for 12 years till the kids all got into school full time.
I watched the kids during the day, my wife watched them at night.
I wasnt a complete SAHM (dad ??), but I know what its like to home all day, with very little sleep, and have 4 kids to take care, some of them were babies.
It was a long 12 years............ But it was the best experience of my life.
So I will be the first one to say that a SAHM's life is very very filled with danger and excitement.
"here's to the boogers".....................

tillysweetchops said...

You're doing a mighty fine job with the descriptions alright - this entry nearly had me practicing my projectile vomiting skills!!

Men do seem to have a different relationship to all things mucusy. Another pet peeve of mine is when I hear my husband in the bathroom "clearing his throat" and spitting it in the sink. I don't quite know where I expected him to spit it - I think I'd rather he didn't do it at all!!

Keep up the good work - It may take me time to get over here (not enough time online!) but I'll come in the end!

Tilly xx

csandhollow said...


swthmchic56 said...

Boogers !!  I thought it was bad to have to keep telling the kids to stop drinking from the milk carton.  "Spit in the milk?" yuk!   Of cousre, they didn't learn that from me!