Thursday, December 22, 2005

Thursday Home Remedy


These are home health remedies that have been emailed to me or that I found on the internet.  I have not tried them all and do NOT guarantee the effectiveness of them.  If you try one and it works, or if you have one that works for you, please email me.  Thanks.

Constipation (In adults)

  • Eat a few black licorice sticks.
  • Take apple pectin.
  • Make sure you're getting enough Folic Acid in your diet.
  • Drinking ginger tea will help start a bowel movement.
  • One tablespoonful of corn syrup added to 8oz of water

Constipation (In Small Children)

  • Soak 6-8 raisins in hot water. When cool, crush well and strain. When given routinely even to little infants, it helps to regulate bowel movement.


trickeytricky said...

If you eat to much black licorice it will turn your pea green... I so know from experiance... gross I know.

Amanda :)

meangirl61073 said...

Great journal...made me laugh! maybe you should be "Dr.Jill"

missvincci said...

wow...very interesting...never knew about those...I will let you know if they work..