Friday, December 16, 2005

Sledding pictures

I got the pictures of Ray and Rylie's sledding fun uploaded.  She was only 8 months old this time last year and seemed to be battling some sort of virus, so we didn't take her out then.  This is her first time playing in the snow. 

We wanted to make sure she stayed warm so I put her footy pj's on, then a sweat suit, her warm mittens AND the nylon one's that came with the snow suit and are more water proof, her new boots, her snow pants, a warm hat that ties on, and her coat with the hood.  Was she warm?  LOL  I think maybe a bit too warm, the little palms of her hands were slightly sweaty when I took off her mittens.  Oops!

We thought she would be ready to come in and have sort hot chocolate after 15 or 20 minutes, but she would NOT come in.  She stomped and kicked and made a real fuss.  So Ray kept her out playing in the snow and pulling her on the sled for about 20 minutes longer.

Even then I had beg her to come in with promises of hot chocolate and a special treat.  LOL  She loves playing with that big ol' goofy guy.

Preview"Do you think this snowsuit makes me look fat?"

Preview"Hey this little porkchop won't bend at the waist!"

Preview"Hold on tight."  "Faster daddy, faster!  Weeeeeee!"

Preview  "Where are the dang controls for this thing?  I don't think that ol' man knows what he's doing."

Preview "Are you having a problem there porkchop?"  "No, I like flopping around in this cold, slushy stuff.  Put that cigarette down and help me ol' man!"

After we came in and Rylie had drank her hot chocolate, she went into the back hall and found the sled.  She dragged it into the living room and sat down in it.  She layed there for awhile watching her Disney show.  She was too funny!


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trickeytricky said...

HAHAHA!! I love that picture of where she is falling out of the sled and he is just standing there with the cigarette... oh that is a classic moment! RFLMAO!!!

Thanks for sharing those are tooo cute.

Amanda :)