Friday, December 23, 2005

Check list

Check list for Christmas:

If you haven't wrapped gifts you have enough tape, ribbons, gift tags?

Do you have an assortment of batteries on hand?  ( know you don't want to have to get into your secret stash, lol)

Film?  Do you have enough?  Do you need camera batteries and don't forget your flash.  Do you need a new memory card?  I do!  Grrrr, oh $#!* I forgot about that.

Are you going to get dressed up for church, or your family get together?  Make sure you have an extra pair of hose on hand, because it is inevitable that one of the kids or the dog will snag them the minute you put them on.

Put a little bag with fabric softener sheets ( wink, wink Amanda) in your purse to control static cling by rubbing it over your hair, skirt, etc.

Put a little bag with a few baby wipes in it in your purse also.  This is for that child, or husband, that can't stay clean longer than 5 minutes.  Or when that child, or husband, spills something on you.

Ya'll are carrying a big purse right?  LOL, well I know the mommies are!

What am I forgetting people?  Any other ideas? 

I leave for my mom's in about 2 hours or so.  Anyone know where is a good place to upload my pictures for developing...inexpensive, but still good quality?  Contact me asap...I have over a hundred pics on my card and I need to clear it for use.  Thanks!

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