Monday, December 5, 2005

Mouse in the house~part 3

Okay, so I took my med's at 9:40pm last night and laid down for a nice cozy sleep.  I was tired after another long day of the usual, a little laundry, a little cleaning and lots of playing & chasing with Rylie Jo Lee.

I was just in the early stages of sleep.  You know when you are starting to fall asleep, but you can still sort of hear things going on around you, but not really.  That's when I woke up.  I looked at the clock, it was about 10 minutes after ten. 

I laid there wondering what had woken me and then I heard something.  I lay there very quietly and listened.  There!  I heard it again.  It was coming from the other side of the room.  I sat up and listened. 

It sounded like it was either coming from the linen closet or the bathroom.  It sounded kind of like a quiet knocking, no.  Like a rustling, no.  Like someone was moving things, but trying to be quiet.

I got up and very quietly (yeah, like a mouse) walked over to the other side of the room.  The closet to the bedroom and linen closet are right next to each other.  There, I heard it again.  Very quietly I open the bathroom door, just a wee bit, and I listen for a moment.  Quick!  I shut the door and stuff a towel under the bottom.

I open the door and tell Ray hurry, hurry and grab the broom.  He is up..."did you find him, is he back?"  "Yes, hurry.  Go in the bathroom and get him!"

He comes into the bedroom and says "okay this is what I want you to do..."  "Uh, yeah, okay, but this is what I am going to do.  You go in there, find him and kill him, and I am going to stay out here and close the door."  LOL, and I did.

Rylie in the meantime was having a fit.  All she knew was that they were sitting there comfy, cozy watcing tv and now they weren't.  The mommy person came out hollerin' something and the big daddy guy left her sitting there alone.  Nope, she wasn't happy with the adults at all.

I went and tried to placate her.  Yeah, well once she has something in her mind, and at this time it was "I want daddy", she won't let it go.  She wanted in that bathroom, and now!

I went back over to the door and held her.  I asked the ol' man "are you okay?  He isn't getting you is he?"  I hear "No... guess where I am?"  Oh my gosh...don't tell me.  "Where?"  He say's "on top of the sink!"  LMAO!

"Come in here".  I open the door a bit and look.  Yep, my big, strong 42 yr old man, my defender, the previous bar fighter, is up on top of the bathroom counter with my old blue broom.  The bottom drawer is pulled out and the cabinet doors are open.  All the various bathroom paraphenillia is scattered across the floor.

Now that I am standing there in the room it must be safe because he jumps down.  Gosh he is cute, even if he got his hair cut too short and is afraid of this silly mouse, lol. 

So we finish up looking around under the cabinet.  No mouse, but he had been there.  There is a panel that goes to the water pipes under the garden tub, which is right next to the bathroom counter.  Apparently the panel isn't secured and the mouse was able to use that to make his escape.  So there is another project that must be done: fix the panel. 

So my big, strong protector took the baby back into the living room to finish watching their television show.  I was left to clean up the mess left in the bathroom.  Apparently the fat little fella likes my homemade tanning lotion.  I had the bottle of lotion in a plastic shopping bag under the sink.  He dang near ate most of the bag, the little freak!

So I finish cleaning up and putting everything away.  We now move the, obviously still empty, mouse traps under the sink.  I close the bathroom door and shove a towel under it.  I don't want the little sucker visiting me while I am asleep.

Well, this is where the story ended.  This is the point I had planned to write to and end the story.  Unfortunately, that is not my luck.  Oh no.


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I woke up at about 4:42am, yeah dang insomnia...still.  No problem, that gives me some quiet time.  I go into the kitchen to make a cup of cappuccino (cheap stuff I get at Aldi's for $1.99 a can, not bad stuff). 

As I am moving about on the cold vinyl tiles, my foot hits something.  I look down and see something.  I pick it crust?  How long has this been sitting here and why didn't I see it before?  Oh the joy's of having a toddler in the house.  You never know what your going to find, or where.

I toss the crust into the trash can and walk back over to the stove.  The water is almost ready.  Suddenly something moves FROM THE SAME SPOT I JUST PICKEDUP THE CRUST!!!  The MOUSE!!!  It runs right by me!  Within inches of my BARE feet!

I want to scream "AIIIEEEEE!  Help!  The Mouse, the mouse!  Ray, come and kill this little #@$&@^*!"  But it is only a quarter till 5 in the morning, I remain quiet.  Calm down Jill, it's only a mouse.  He's probably more scared of you than you are of him. 

Bull$h!t, if he was so dang scared he'd get the heck out of dodge!  I certainly wouldn't stay around where creatures that much bigger than me were chasing me with a big blue stick with bristles on the end.

So I finish making my cappuccino, keeping my eye on the spot where he ran to, and quickly exit the kitchen.  And here I sit, with my toes carefully curled up.  The kitchen and I are only seperated by a wall and this little fella seems to have magical powers.

I keep wishing I wasn't so deathly allergic to cats.  But not only do I sneeze, get thesniffles and my eyes water, but my throat starts to get real tight and swollen and eventually my eyes get almost swollen shut.  Besides that, cats are just so smelly and nasty. 

That's not exactly politically correct and I apologize to cat lovers.  I'm sorry, but it is a bit hard to be kind to animals that are, dang near, able to kill me (okay, okay, not kill.  But it sure does feel like it.) with a mere shake of their deadly dander.

Besides, even if I were to take the allergy medication and be able to handle having a cat in the house for a few days, it still probably wouldn't be a very good idea.  One day Rylie and I would get up for our usual morning of Disney shows, and walk into the living room to find mouse inards strewn all over.  Yech! 

No, a cat just wouldn't be a good idea.  We'll get the little guy...eventually.  Hopefully before I have another early morning encounter.

Well, it's only 5:57am and it looks like it is going to some kind of day.  Ya'll have a great one.  I may be back later.

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tillysweetchops said...

Sorry but these mouse adventures are hilarious. I can't get Ray perched on that bathroom sink out ofmy mind! LOL

Tilly x