Saturday, December 31, 2005

PreviewOkay, how about a little light hearted fun, what I call Saturday Silliness.  This first thing I got the link to by going to, typing in the word silly and then clicking the "I feel lucky" button.

The next thing I tried was my name.  I typed in Jill Marie, hit the "feeling lucky" button and...well, I will not put that link up here.  She looked like a cute all-american little brunette, but I have a pretty strong feeling that was a p-o-r-n link.  I guarantee you that is NOT me!  LOL

Being a mother of a 21 month old, the next word I did was "tantrums".  The web site I got sent to was this one...

Okay, one more.  Let me think...I want a good one, something fun. I typed in "fun" and got this...

And when I typed in "something fun", I got this one...

Yeah, kind of a cheap entry today, huh?  Sorry people, I can't be on the top of my game all the time.  Ya know, redneck Martha/Heloise is suffering from a bit of the flu (thanks Tom & Jenny, lol). 

Don't tell me to go try some of my own home remedies!  Not funny in the least bit kids.  Actually, this is probably the only time I will get a bit of help around here with the baby and all.  So I thinkI will just wallow in my pain and suffering for a bit.  Even if myhead does feel like mucus is about to start oozing from my eyes, ears, nose and mouth...ewwww!  I think even my hair hurts.

Well, ya'll stay healthy, and be careful tonight! 


Oh!  And be sure to wash and iron all the paper money you have tomorrow.  It is suppose to be good luck in finances for the New Year.  Your also suppose to eat pork roast and sauerkraut, well, we always did growing up.  I don't know what good luck that is suppose to bring...but if your in a new careful, the kraut makes some folks a bit gassy {{{sheepish smile on my face}}}.


Anyway, have a good one.  Later.

Jill Marie

PS~Can anyone advise me as how to put a background color on my entries?  Everytime I try, it's ends up looking all weird, or just showing the html, or whatever.  I must be doing something wrong.  Any help is greatly appreciated. 


*Oops!  My mistake...hey, ya can't be too careful when traveling the web.  My apologies to Miss Jill Marie, as Celeste pointed out to me("The website is for a singer not a porn site."), she is a singer, not an "actress".  Sorry!


csandhollow said...

Email on its way.
The website is for a singer not a porn site.

narwood25 said...

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lurkynat said...

check out Lisbjni's journal. she is great with allof that stuff