Saturday, December 24, 2005

Christmas "Eve" last night at Mom's

Because everyone has so many things going on and getting together on Christmas Eve is getting harder and harder every year, Mom had Christmas Eve last night (23rd).  Ray, Rylie and I, his daughter, Aimee, and my kids, David, Samantha (and her ''friend" Ryne) and Christopher all went.

It is a shame, but it is about the only time my brothers families and our family see each other.  So every time Christmas comes around, I think we all spend about the first 15 or 20 minutes wondering over how much the kids have grown.

We opened our first present before dinner.  This is kind of keeping the tradition of our Christmas Eve as children.  Every year we would beg our parents to open at least one, just one, little gift.  So began the tradition. 

I don't know if anyone remembers how old we were when we finally realized what was going on.  But each year the gift we opened was the same thing...a new pair of pajama's!  So last night the one gift we all opened before dinner was our Christmas pj's. 

Of course, after dinner was when it all got good for the little ones.  I don't know how Mom does it, but those little people always go home with a big ol' pile of stuff.  And us big people do pretty well too. 

Here are some pictures of the night...


This is Rylie bear hugging her cousin Jacob.  Everyone says how much the two of them look alike, so I wanted to get a picture of them side by side.  Jacob is 4 and a real sweetie pie.


Rylie and her big brother Christopher (13).  Ya don't think her big brothers and sisters spoil her do ya?  Ahhh YEP!


YEA!  Sammi (17) finally got off work and is there too!


Jacob and Grandma...isn't he a cutie pa-tootie?


A bit of the chaos...Does Tammy have a headache?  Cindy with the glass of wine shortly before Rylie knocked it over.


Handing out the presents, Noah and Zach helping Grandma.


Jacob walked up and told me to "take my picture"...what a doll!


She got the hang of ripping open those presents real quick this year!


Rylie in the little chair she got, with the new doll baby (Santa is bringing one too) that she got.  When she first opened up the baby she hugged it close to her and held it there on her shoulder. 

What a great night.  Merry Christmas Dad...give Jesus a hug for us!

Well, everyone...I really think that this will probably be the last entry until after Christmas.  I want to wish you and your families a very Merry Christmas.  May God keep everyone safe who has to travel any distance.  Peace and Joy and many Blessings to You All! 



From our family to yours...


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mzgoochi said...

Merry Christmas Jill. I loved the photo's of your family.