Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Our Christmas tree

Ahhh, well we spent sometime last night going through the tree and trying to make sure that we only had one plug plugged into one end.  It seems that before we had 2-3 plugged into one end of a string.  Ray thinks that is what was causing the lights to blow.  He seems to be right too because we aren't {{{knock wood}}} having any more problems.

I just took a picture of the tree.  It is a wee bit fuzzy though.  I turned the flash off because it just didn't look right with the flash on. 

PreviewI put the camera on a table top, but my hand must have been shaky.  This was the best out of about 4 pictures. 

Ray wanted to put tinsel on the tree, but I had to nix that idea.  Tinsel...you know those silver stringy things that make the tree look real pretty, but you are still finding them on the carpet at Easter time?  I was afraid that Rylie would get a hold of them and try to eat one or something like that.  Hey, we once had a dog that ate that stuff.  I won't even tell you how I found out he had eaten it, ewwww!

After getting the tree fixed, I went in and started wrapping some gifts.  There are 2 for each child (my 3, his 2 and our Rylie) and one for Ray.  It just doesn't look like a Christmas tree until there are a few presents under it.

Have a great morning!


hadonfield78 said...

well, i think you did an outstanding job with it. It is a beautiful tree.
Puts me in the Christmas spirit.
Job well done I say...

debbted said...

Hi there! Your tree looks very pretty! Come visit any of my journals--Here's the link for the photo one:


Here's where you can post a link for a doggie photo and more:


Have fun with your new journal and Merry Christmas! Blessings, Sassy ;-)