Monday, December 5, 2005


Yep, I am back, yet again, today.

Okay, I kept forgetting to upload this picture from my camera to the computer.  This particular picture goes with the Streaking entry on Monday, November 28th.  Obviously I had to do a tad bit of editting, lol. 

Preview However, I will keep the original and print it for her baby book. Might be good for blackmail when she reaches those awful teen years too, lol. Oh yes, I am that evil {{{insert wicked laugh}}}. 


hadonfield78 said...

HEY, AS PARENTS, we have to have all the amunition we can gather for those
teen years. Ya never know when ya might need it.
How old is your little one ??
Mine are all growin like weeds now (10,12,13,15)

barbpinion said...

What a little doll, and yes you are wicked. LOL ...