Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Another cleaning tip...

So I was just in the kitchen trying to clean the nasty grease build up off of the range exhaust hood.  It can be a tough job if you are out of grease cutting cleaner like I am today.

So was trying to use this cheap orange cleaner I got at the dollar store.  It was not working well at all.  You know how grease just kind of gunks up and doesn't want to come off.  That was what I was dealing with.  So I think "what can I use that would act as a mild abrasive?"  I didn't want to scratch that glorious beige enamel paint, lol.

So I put a little bit of powder dishwasher detergent on my wet sponge.  All I can say is...Wow!  It just whipped right through that nasty grease.  I am now off to try to tackle that nasty grease that collects under the edges of those silver thingies beneath the burners.  I just wanted to share this one with ya'll before I forgot to do it.  Hm, better go add it to my cleaning page too. 


PS~I almost forgot the most interesting part of all that.  As I was wiping my wet sponge and trying to clean around the light & fan knobs, I heard a little buzzing sound (almost like a bee or fly). 

Then I noticed a bit of smoke coming from under the one knob.  "Oh crap!  One of the wires must be exposed!"  So I grab a wet towel to try to dry it off, and as I stupidly reach up and grab the knob...yep, I got shocked.  Yozzers!  What a ding bat, lol.

No problems though.  I think I got it dry, it stopped smoking and I am keeping an eye on it. 


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csandhollow said...

Ok smoke is a bad thing. Pull the knob off and do not use that one. Do it right now! The dishwasher stuff works pretty good on grease. I did not find it to work good on the drip pans under the burners. I have found that it is a lot easier to just go to Walmart and buy new ones. LOL I do that about every 6 months or so. I clean them until they start to not come clean then I start replacing them. They do not cost very much.