Saturday, January 21, 2006

Nae's graphic~Saturday silliness~Rylie Jo~Gratefulness


First of all, the graphic today is from Made by Nae!  Yummy looking huh?  She has a real cute story up here..."I call this a Friday Funny".  Warning:  Do not drink anything while reading this.  I almost spit diet pepsi all over my keyboard and monitor when I was reading it.


Okay, it's Saturday.  Late, it's already after 6pm here in Ohio.  But as last week, better late than never, I guess.  I haven't had much time to do a lot of searches but I did do a few. As usual, I went to Google, typed in a word and then clicked the "Feeling Lucky" search button.  These are the words and the links I got.

candy          Once there go to the recipes page, there is a recipe for chocolate chunk muffins that looks oh so yummy!

turquoise  I did this search because turquoise is my favorite type of jewelry.  Once there, you can do a search and find out a little about your favorite gem stones.

picture editing                  Well, most of ya know the trouble I had with PSP.  Then my son told me to find something called Gimp, which I never did do.  As it turns out, The Gimp is the second free program on the list.


Now how about some pictures of an adorable toddler with the attitude of the average 13 year old female, lol.

Preview Hotdog lunch.  She likes to eat the ketchup and mustard and then maybe a few bites of the dog.  Oh yeah, she likes to get comfortable and put her feet up on the table, as you can see.

Preview  One evening Ray was running the water for a bath while he was shaving.  All of a sudden he heard some splashing and this is what he saw.  Yeah, we usually don't have to ask twice if she wants to take a bath.


This was about a week ago.  Rylie refused to take a nap.  She was sitting at her little card table she got for Christmas playing with Babee (the grungy lamb) and watching Disney.  Ray called me and told me to bring my camera.  This baby crashed hard, lol.


This was my daily OM that I received in my email yesterday.  It's a nice thought and I wanted to share it.

January 20, 2006
The World In A Bright Light


Everyday is a blessing, and in each moment there are many things that we can be grateful for. The world opens up to us when we live in a space of gratitude. In essence, gratitude has a snowball effect. When we are appreciative and express that gratitude, the universe glows a bit brighter and showers us with even more blessings.

There is always something to be grateful for, even when life seems hard. When times are tough, whether we are having a bad day or stuck in what may feel like an endless rut, it can be difficult to take the time to feel grateful. Yet, that is when gratitude can be most important. If we can look at our lives, during periods of challenge, and find something to be grateful for, then we can transform our realities in an instant. There are blessings to be found everywhere. When we are focusing on what is negative, our abundance can be easy to miss. Instead, choosing to find what already exists in our lives that we can appreciate can change what we see in our world. We start to notice one blessing, and then another.

When we constantly choose to be grateful, we notice that every breath is a miracle and each smile becomes a gift. We begin to understand that difficulties are also invaluable lessons. The sun is always shining for us when we are grateful, even if it is hidden behind clouds on a rainy day. A simple sandwich becomes a feast, and a trinket is transformed into a treasure. Living in a state of gratitude allows us to spread our abundance because that is the energy that we emanate from our beings. Because the world reflects back to us what we embody, the additional blessings that inevitably flow our way give us even more to be grateful for. The universe wants to shower us with blessings. The more we appreciate life, the more life appreciates and bestows us with more goodness.


I guess that is it for today.  Have a good night.


~Jill Marie

PS~Getting close to turn that counter over the 2,000 mark.  Sign in and let me know if your the 2,000 friend to visit.  Sorry, no prizes.  Maybe when we hit the 50,000 mark, lol!


am4039 said...

good stuff made me laugh, also love the pics. of your daughter.

thegirlnexdoor77 said...

Great entry!  Loved the pics what a sweet angel!  Interesting searches. lol.  Know what ya mean about the ketchup and mustard. We all have something to be greatful for don't we!  You have a great rest of today. TerryAnn.

csandhollow said...

im 2015. Ilove these pictures!

aljes12 said...

Those pictures are too cute for words! The last two my favorite! Thanks for sharing...