Thursday, January 26, 2006

Playing around with PSP

Okay, so I've been playing with Paint Shop for awhile this evening.  The first one is one I made earlier today when Rylie was napping.  Ray's daughter, Aimee thought it was pretty cool.  If any of you like it, feel free to snag it.

The next one I did with a few pictures I took of Rylie after her bath this evening.  I put a pink diaper cover on her and gave her a cheap strand of pearls to wear.  I don't really like the background, but I will probably keep messing around with the pictures till I get it to something that I really like.



Yes, she looks like a boy.  I keep rubbing that little head good when I shampoo her, but that hair just doesn't seem to want to grow.  I try to put wee lil' pony tails in her hair, but she just pulls them right out, ouch!

Have a good evening!  HUGS!

~Jill Marie

Aww pooh!  I just saved and looked at Rylie's and realized that I forgot to frame it.  Oh well, after I do it more and more, I'll get it down.


nightmaremom said...

They came out very nice.  I think she is precious!  Love that smile

ldybg0069 said...

so cute you are getting there girl   donna

am4039 said...

I love it thank you.  

thinkingoutloud said...

I just knew you would be good at the whole psp thing.

I can't wait to see when you have about a months worth of practice under your belt!

Niki :)

aljes12 said...

You are doing really good with the PSP!! Keep it up!!

- Jessica

csandhollow said...

She is adorable. Quit rubbibg her head you are pulling her hair out! LOL