Wednesday, January 4, 2006


I've been doing some wondering around.  Just jumping from one journal to another one that they have on their favorites list.  First let me give credit for my finds today to Jessica from Jessica's Thoughts and Feelings. On her list of favorites she has several graphic creators listed.  Jessica has some really great graphics on her journal so if your looking for graphics you may want to check out some of these links she has listed.

D's Designs~These are some real cute designs.

Angel's Creations~I love angels and fairies so this is one of my favorites that Jessica had linked on her page.             

EyeCandyTags~Absolutely gorgeous tags!  Give the page a little time to load.  There are so many pictures, but it is well worth the wait.

Made by Nae~Beautiful tags and some really cool sidebar things too.   I think I am going to have to go and ask her to to help me.  My sidebar, that I created with paint, is looking really lame after seeing her creations.

And of course, they all have links to more graphic journals.  Go visit and take a walk about their place and then hit up some of their links!  I think you'll be glad you did. 


Another cool site you might want to check out is eHow.  They can give you clear instructions on how to do (just about) everything.  Have a problem with slugs in your garden?  Or a leaky faucet?  Go there and they probably have instructions on how to take care of whatever you need help with.


Here in the real world I am working on getting Rylie's scrapbook together.  I finally have a printer and am able to print those pictures that I was saving on my camera for the past 21 months, lol.  Only thing is, I am also trying to work with this paint shop pro 8 that Ray's friend sent us.  I mess around with for 1/2 an hour or so, end up feeling totally stupid, and get nothing done. 

I don't know a whole lot about this "scrapbooking" thing to begin with.  This is going to end up more like a photo album with a lil' kick, lol.

Well, have a great "over-the-hump-day"!

Jill Marie


orangekiss3 said...

Thank You very much for that "Pimp" =) your sweet!

alilcountrycharm said...

You are such a sweetheart! Thanks for stopping by my graphics journal and giving me a lil promo here ;o)~ You've made my day girlfriend! I've added you to my alerts and look forward to getting to know you better! Happy Hump day.
(((Big Hugs)))

(lots of digital scrapbooking on my regular blog, look forward to seeing you there too)

madebynae said...

Aww, thanks so much for the plug!  I recognize your screen name...must have read each other back in the day and just lost track of each other!

Got you on alerts!


mydsdesigns said...

Wow!  Thanks for the plug :)  I appreciate it tons and will be watching your journal to see how things are for you.  Feel free to drop by my main journal if you have a chance,  it's not all about sports.  LOL
Have a great day and thanks again!