Sunday, January 22, 2006

Picture help needed

Okay, ya'll know I am working on this scrapbook for Rylie.  I wanted to put in some old pictures.  Ones of our parents and grandparents, black and whites of us as kids.  Ray's mother emailed me some scanned pictures of her and his dad from back in the day. 

However, they don't print out very well. There are scratches and things, and some blurriness that just kind of ruins them.  I can use them the way they are if I have to, but I'd really like to try to get them fixed. 

Here is my question.  Do any of you who do graphic work do picture work too?  If anyone thinks they could help fix these up for me a little bit, please email me.  I'd really appreciate it.

I tried to do it with my Ulead picture thing, but I can't really get them looking as nice as I'd like to.  I think I have the scratches off, but then when I look at them after saving them...they still don't look very good.

Other than that, nothing much going on here.  I hope ya'll have a peaceful Sunday.


~Jill Marie


shawnaandtim said...

Hey Jill I was the 2000 th visitor to your site!!! I love it  I wish I had the creativity to start my own ...until then Ill just enjoy yours!!!

thegirlnexdoor77 said...

Interesting, I just told my mom and oldest dd that we needed to start a day where we got together and did the scrap book thing. lol.  Hope your pix turn out the way you want.  TerryAnn.