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Friday Funny~Typical Low-carb day~My horoscope

Okey dokey.  As I said last week, I seem to be hitting a writers block lately.  But I like this Friday Funny thing, so I went looking for stories.  This is what I found for ya'll today.  Not so funny, more like moronic, but what the heck.

Jail Inmate Escapes, but Falls Down Hill

Thu Jan 26, 4:21 PM ET

OLYMPIA, Wash. - Lance H. Gauthun had barely escaped from the Thurston County jail before he was hollering for help and back behind bars.

Authorities heard the cries of Gauthun, 20, and a police officer pulled him to safety after he ran or fell down a steep embankment behind the jail late Tuesday and found himself stuck with temperatures in the low 30s, sheriff's deputy Daniel D. Kimball said.

"They actually rescued the escapee from himself," Kimball said Wednesday.

He said Gauthun, who had served more than half of a 20-day sentence for theft of about $150 worth of copper tubing, slipped out a fire exit about 10:45 p.m. Tuesday in the minimum-security jail annex, which houses mostly inmates on work release or assigned to work crews.

Hostility between Gauthun and other inmates may have led to the short-lived getaway, corrections Capt. Todd Thoma said.

Gauthun has been rebooked for investigation of second-degree escape, punishable by one to three months behind bars for a first-time conviction.

"He's in the big boys' jail now," Kimball added.


Information from: The Olympian,


Okay, Jessica was asking me in the comments yesterday about what a typical day of meals is like on my low-carb "lifestyle".  So I wrote down a typical day for ya'll.  My mother-in-law called the other day, worried that I was starving myself. 

Let me assure you, I am not starving.  I have cravings yes.  But having some guidelines really helps me to have more will power. 

I am very competitive and since I am doing this alone, the only one for me to be competitive with is myself, or the bathroom scale.  This morning the scale won, it didn't budge the teeniest bit from yesterdays reading, lol.  

But tomorrow I might win, even if it is by a 1/2 pound, and I'll be pleased.  Okay so here is a typical day for me:

For breakfast I usually have 2 scrambled eggs -less than 1 carb per egg.  I might top it with some shredded chesse-usually no carbs, but check package to be sure (some have a few carbs, depends).  Occasionally, I put a Tablespoon of salso on my eggs-there are 2 cabs in 2 Tablespoons of the salsa I buy.  I usually have a cup of hot green tea in the morning.  Then I try to drink 2-12 ounce glasses of water between breakfast and lunch.  

For lunch I might have a hamburg (with added soy, I get the patties at Krogers)-4 grams of carbs per patty.  A slice of cheese-the package I get has no carbs, but you really have to read the nutritional info on it.  Sometimes I eat it on a plate, dipping it in Mustard-0 carbs (ketchup does have carbs so I don't use it).  A few pickles-no carbs.  Or sometimes I put it between 2 slices of lettuce-0 carbs.  I might have a diet Pepsi, sugar free flavored water, or just plain water-all 0 carbs. I try to drink another 2 glasses of water.  

For dinner I might have a chicken breast (I pre-cook a bunch at the beginning of the week)-0 carbs (or at least that's what it says on the frozen bag information).   I add about 2 slices of thin sliced ham-2 carbs, and a slice of swiss cheese-0 carbs, and heat it up in the microwave (YUMMY)  1/4 cup of corn-6 carbs (since these come from a veggie I don't worry too much, I consider them good carbs).  Some sugar free Jell-O carbs (It tastes good, really.  When I am really craving something sweet I add a small spoonful of Whipped topping-2 carbs for 2 Tbs) Then after dinner I try to drink another glass of water.  (Yes, I pee alllllll day long, lol)   

I think that the water helps get toxic junk and what-not out of my body.  Whatever, but I always notice a better weight loss when I increase my water intake.  I've also noticed that the swelling in my ankels and calves has gone down since I started increasing my water.   

I have lots of pre-packaged thin sliced ham and turkey in the fridge, there are (I think) about 3 grams of carbs for 7 slices.  I also pre-cook the chicken breast and hamburg patties on my George Foreman grill for the week.  I can also eat bacon, I just hate cooking that stuff.   

I eat broccoli, I love it with a little cheese melted on it.  I believe there are about 4 grams in that, but like I said I don't worry too much about the veggie or fruit carbs.  Mainly because they are also high in fiber.   My biggest challenge came during PMS...I was a bear to live with. 

I craved chocolate like it was air, lol.  So I finally went and got these chocolate peanut butter things that are supposed to be 0grams of carbs.  I don't know, the total carbs were like 17, but the net carbs were 0.  Whatever that means.   I'm not gonna sit here and pretend like I understand it all, because I don't.  At the time though, I didn't care...I just wanted chocolate in a bad way, lol.

I also have a bag of pork rinds-0 carbs.  I don't care for them really, but when the family is eating popcorn or chips, it gives me something to snack on too.  I also bought a container of Breyers carb smart ice cream.  There are 4 carbs per half cup in that, and it is really pretty good.  

I do NOT eat: bread, potatoes, rice, pasta and a lot of other sweet and yummy things.   I know a lot of people think the low-carb thing is stupid or whatever, but my biggest cravings are for carbs.  Which told me that I really needed to go low carb. 

Eventually I will work more carbs back into my diet.  But I think I am going to try to keep it to the healthy carbs, and really limit my intake of the breads, potatoes and pasta, and especially the sweets.


  My horoscope for today: January 27, 2006
Prospecting Your Future

Capricorn Daily Horoscope

You may be keenly aware of the opportunities available to you today, as financial, professional, and personal prospects seem to appear before you. Your optimistic nature can prevail and help you see the eventual gains in seemingly minor opportunities. Limited prospects may seem like they hold greater potential today. But this new windfall of opportunity may actually be the result of your personal values changing and broadening. What once looked like a dead end can suddenly become a path leading to success. It may be that your concept of success has changed or that you have adopted different priorities. If you're inclined to explore new avenues in your personal or professional lives today, you may find that heady prospects await you.

Seizing opportunities when they present themselves is the best way to take control of your future. You may encounter numerous opportunities in both your professional and personal lives, but if you don't take advantage of them, you can't make them work for you. When you have a goal or a future in mind, you increase your chances of attaining it when you are proactive about recognizing and going after opportunities. In essence, you create your own luck by actively seeking the best path and getting on it. Even if you have let opportunities pass you by in the past, taking a chance can mean the difference between personal evolution and stagnation. When you're willing to seize opportunities today, you'll reap many rewards.

I underlined the portions that hit a chord with me.  Any other Capricorns out there?  We are a stubborn type, well I am anyways.  I really should have been a lawyer.  I love to debate and prove my point.  I enjoy the hunt for information and getting to the truth. 


LOL, that reminds me...when the kids were little I once told them that I knew how to identify finger prints.  I even took some ink and made them put their fingers prints on paper for me.  One of them had carved into a dresser. 

I made them sit in the living room while I "compared" prints, lol.  Then I walked in and offered them a "deal"...tell me the truth now and you won't get in as much trouble.  I really thought it would work, but no one fessed up.  So they all got punished.

Years later I found out that Samantha (about 6 or 7 at the time) had done it.  I still don't understand why.  Except maybe since she carved her brothers name, it was just to get him in trouble. 

I also use to tell them, when we were in the car, that mom's had eyes in the back of their head.  I think one of my parents use to say that to me.  Eventually they figured out I was using the rear view mirror, lol.


Have a great day!  Hugs!

~Jill Marie


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