Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Okay we just had a Rylie related emergency...RED jello on beige carpet.  Ugh!  But remember back in the last week of December, the 26th I believe, I did an entry on carpet stains?  This entry, well I used the second method.  The hydrogen peroxide and a few drops of dish soap.  It got it clean!  Yea! 

Whew, thank goodness.  Since I haven't tried all the tips, it's real nice when I find out one works well.  We even went into Aimee's (Rays daughter) room and tried it on the black eye shadow that Rylie, was kind enough, to grind into the carpet.  It worked on that too.  Yipeee!

Wow, I am just using all kinds of cleaning things around here today, lol.  Just one of those days.  Have a great evening!

PreviewI know, hard to believe that sweet angel is such a terror, lol.

~Jill Marie 


am4039 said...

omg he is so cute, he can't be a terror, LOL.

hadonfield78 said...

That is an excellent idea. I have never tried that.
Thank you for the tip.
This is why I love reading your journal. I love to clean and you always have the neatest ideas.

madebynae said...

Girl, you need to get a Spot Bot, by Bissell...killer..killer.  MY son threw up Hawaiian Punch provoked spew all over my beige Berber carpeting.  I won't get in to detail about the chunks :)~  Anyway, Iit was like 10pm, and the whole house was asleep so I just cleaned it up the best I could with paper towels and a wet rag.  The next morning, I used the SpotBot and there are no remnants of the horrifying disaster.  I did an entry on it in my old J, I'll look to see if the pics are still in it...yes I took pictures.  Edited of course.

I guess you'll be switching to orange jello now?