Saturday, January 14, 2006

Saturday Silliness

Okay, time for Saturday Silliness again!  Today's searches are all related in some way to my daughter, Samantha.  These are things that I find by using the google "I'm Feeling Lucky" search button. 

This first one is the return on a search of the word frog, Samantha likes frogs alot.  She even had 2 pet tree frogs at one time.


While there I took the little quiz, what kind of frog are you...

You are a Pacific Tree Frog


Pacific Tree Frogs like to eat a variety of bugs, including crickets, flies and spiders, though they aren't fond of larger beetles that can bite their lips. Courting males have a high pitched ribbit that is often heard as the classic Hollywood "woods at night" sound effect. Pacific Tree Frogs tend not to climb as much or high as most tree frogs, usually not going more than two feet up into vegetation.

That reminds me, Sammi really likes Penguins.  Okay the search took me here...Penguins.

Now my nickname for Samantha has always been Stinkerbell, a play on the name Tinkerbell from Peter Pan.  So I did a "Feeling Lucky" search on the name tinkerbell, and this is what I got...Peter Pan's Home Page... Are You Tinkerbell?

And finally, Samantha is finishing high school at a local vocational school.  She is studying early childhood development.  So I did a search on the word children and this is the result I got for that...Children Now Home


This is my older "baby" girl, Sammi Preview

Sometimes I look at her and wonder where that pretty little baby went?  She grew into a beautiful young woman so quickly.

LOL, that reminds me of the time when Sam was about 12 or 13.  I was getting on her case for something and she told me that "she was a woman now" blah, blah...I didn't hear much after that.  I looked at her (you can imagine what was going through my mind) and said "where in the world did you get that idea?" 

"You told me so", she replied.

"What?!  And just when did I say that to you?"

Apparently, when Samantha got her first "visit" and we had the long chat about everything, I said something about her becoming a young woman...she only heard me say that she was a woman, lol. 


By the way, for any of you mothers out there who have pre-teen daughters here is an idea.  When Sam told me that she started (we have a great relationship, I think she told me almost right away) I went to the store and bought her all the things that a YOUNG (lol) woman will need to deal with her monthly cycle.

Let's see I got pads, regular and mini's, slender tampons, midol,chocolates and I think I put in a journal or something like that too.  You could put in whatever would be special for your daughter.  I attached a card, and when I gave it to her I let her talk about it, and ask me any questions she had.  It was a very special bonding moment for us as mother and daughter.


I hope you all have a safe and happy weekend.


~Jill Marie Y


mawmellow said...

she's beautiful !

hadonfield78 said...

I love what you did for your daughter in her time of a new begining. I wish my wife had done that with the girls.
It sounds like a very special and beautiful moment that only a mother/daughter can ever know.
You are AWESOME...................

michiganjewel said...

Hi. It's Julie. I just read your post in my journal. You're from Toledo, Ohio? I grew up there. I live there from the time I was born until about 14 years ago. In fact, I'm heading there in about 1 1/2 hours to go see my parents in West Toledo. I went to Whitmer High School and graduated in 84. I'm really excited about getting to know you. Well, gotta ready to go to Toledo, I'm still in my pajamas! Nice meeting you and I look forward to hearing from you again.